Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've Been A Very Bad Girl!

Okay, So you know how a child is with a new toy? Well, I have a fairly new toy, It's called Second Life. For a former SIMS addict it's a very addictive thing and well frankly I seem to have an addictive personality to things I enjoy, knitting, scrapbooking, food.... well you get the point, So as it goes, I've been spend a LOT of time playing SL and not a lot of time blogging. I'm still functioning and doing my Motherly, Wifely and Housely duties, Just not my blogging duties. They've been neglected & I am sorry for that.

So no more guilt and moving forward I present to anyone who cares enough to read and myself a new blog :)

Let's see, I see here that my last blog post was on December 4th. Not too long ago but a LONG time ago in Blog-Time. So what has happened since then...

On the 7th-9th I went to another wonderful Scrapbooking retreat at the wonderful Stolen Moments Inn with some very good friends. It was a wonderful weekend as always. I had a wonderful time and got lots of goodies completed and lots of ideas from the other girls about projects to start. hee! Great fun is the be had there with all of those wonderful ladies :) TY Teresa for hosting & Susie for providing such a wonderful location :)

In between then and Now, Ashley managed to catch something at school called "Fifth Disease" which sounds much worse than it actually is, She healed from that and then caught some Nasty stomach Virus TWICE then gave it to her poor sister :(

Jake is back to working a somewhat normal schedule but is only getting one day a week off.

I've been cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, shopping, wrapping, and playing lots of SL which we've already talked about :) So now time for Pictures. . . .
Here are some things I finished at the retreat...

In knitting land I finally finished a scarf for Ashley that took me a year to knit because I kep putting it off.

The project I'm working on today is painting a coat/backpack hanger for Ashley's room :)

Okay I guess we're all caught up now :)


Brie said...

I am not allowing myself to play second life because I'm afraid of getting addicted and I already spend WAY too much time on this computer.
Love all the crafts!
Our tree is decorated from halfway up=)

Dawn said...

Sweetie, you did a fabulous job on everything and I love seeing what you've been working on :) And I for one am thrilled to have you in SL with me :D