Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Crafty Christmas....

Okay... so it all started with this blog post from Vicki Howell, one of The queens of Knitting & Craftiness, IMO anyway :)

The Stocking I had, was one that my first husband bought for me when we were dating.. um that would have made it... 13 years old & did I Mention it was from my first husband? LOL So when I saw Vicki's post.. I knew that, THAT was my future stocking!

I did add my own craftiness too it and used a cut in half foam ball and some yarn to make my yarn ball and used my die cut machine to cut out the letters for my name :) and stars were more chirstmasy than hearts for my needle ends... so here is MY NEW Stocking :)

While making my stocking I remembered that I Hadn't bought one for Abbey yet... and since we call her Abbey Bear.... her stocking was born....

While Make Abbey's I realized Ashley didn't really have a "personalized" stocking of her own... So... She wanted Hello Kitty :) and so her stocking was born...

When i told Jake how the girls and I were going to have cute similiar stockings with our fave things on the front.. he was jealous.. and so... his stocking was created and born.... a Ninetendo WII remote and console for those of you not savvy on video games :)

Merry Christmas!!

This was supposed to be posted a long time ago... it was saved in my drafts sorry here it is :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I believe we were all very spoiled here. We had a good Christmas! Jake's Mom sent us our Christmas box, filled with wonderful gifts and goodies for everyone!!

Christmas Eve we had our usual get together with my Mom, our dinner theme this year was BBQ Christmas, I smoked some ribs and we had potato salad, deviled eggs, rolls and yummy baked beans. Everything was so good!!! Mom spoiled all of us! Jake got a Dremel tool and and coffee maker and I got an awesome PINK suitcase to use for my retreats and a pink camera bag that I'd been wanting forever and of course the girls got all these goodies . . .

Then of course we had Christmas morning with the girls, Abbey's first Christmas :) The girls got very spoiled by Santa and Jake and I didn't do too bad... here are some pics from that :)

See how we all were spoiled? Wonderful Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've Been A Very Bad Girl!

Okay, So you know how a child is with a new toy? Well, I have a fairly new toy, It's called Second Life. For a former SIMS addict it's a very addictive thing and well frankly I seem to have an addictive personality to things I enjoy, knitting, scrapbooking, food.... well you get the point, So as it goes, I've been spend a LOT of time playing SL and not a lot of time blogging. I'm still functioning and doing my Motherly, Wifely and Housely duties, Just not my blogging duties. They've been neglected & I am sorry for that.

So no more guilt and moving forward I present to anyone who cares enough to read and myself a new blog :)

Let's see, I see here that my last blog post was on December 4th. Not too long ago but a LONG time ago in Blog-Time. So what has happened since then...

On the 7th-9th I went to another wonderful Scrapbooking retreat at the wonderful Stolen Moments Inn with some very good friends. It was a wonderful weekend as always. I had a wonderful time and got lots of goodies completed and lots of ideas from the other girls about projects to start. hee! Great fun is the be had there with all of those wonderful ladies :) TY Teresa for hosting & Susie for providing such a wonderful location :)

In between then and Now, Ashley managed to catch something at school called "Fifth Disease" which sounds much worse than it actually is, She healed from that and then caught some Nasty stomach Virus TWICE then gave it to her poor sister :(

Jake is back to working a somewhat normal schedule but is only getting one day a week off.

I've been cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, shopping, wrapping, and playing lots of SL which we've already talked about :) So now time for Pictures. . . .
Here are some things I finished at the retreat...

In knitting land I finally finished a scarf for Ashley that took me a year to knit because I kep putting it off.

The project I'm working on today is painting a coat/backpack hanger for Ashley's room :)

Okay I guess we're all caught up now :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas-y Things...

Well, Christmas is so close and I still don't feel the spirit of it. The older I get the less I feel it and I don't want that, I want to love Christmas like I did when I was young....

We did get our tree up... & I did actually get some cards made up to mail out this years.... So here are some photo's from that. We put up a little tree this year instead of our big one since Abbey is really getting into things a lot now...

They took Jake off of nights, just when we were getting into the schedule of it all and now he's back ON days and they told him if it get's real busy then they may put them back on nights *scream* I'll be glad when this ShNUFF is over!!!

Abbey has a Dr's appointment tomorrow, but I'm going to call and reschedule. I'm leaving Friday Morning for my weekend Scrapbook retreat and I have a lot to get ready before I leave...

We went Saturday night and bought Christmas for the girls. We need to get Abbey one or two more things, but otherwise we're done. So next payday will be buying for each other and our parents and Siblings. We pretty much already know what we're getting so we're in good Shape just gotta wait for the money to get it!

I did get one of my presents early though.. hehe!! Jake bought me an HP all in one Photo Printer, Scanner and Copier. I have a Dell 4x6 photo printer that I used the heck out of, But I wanted to be able to print larger pictures sometimes and to just have a good printer in general, So far so good, I'll be printing out pictures today that I'm going to work on this weekend :) Yaay me! Digital Photo's rock!!

Okay guess that's about it for now.. I'm not feeling so great today.. PMS getting the best of me this time.... and Ashley's home from school sick... that helps don't ya know? LOL!!

Till' next time!