Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines (Luv) Day!!

I hope all of my friends had a special day that someone made you feel loved sometime during the day. It was kind of a rough day for me, Abbey was not feeling well. She cried a lot. But after she got better everything was great!

Ashley got her Valentine when she got home from school...

Abbey got her valentine at Wal-Mart :)

Jake found his valentine in his car after work but I forgot to take pictures :-0! He got a $15 refill on his starbucks card, a 6 pack of his favorite beer a mixed package of rochere' chocolates :)
and this.... this is what Momma (aka me) got :) O so pretty, I love it!!!!!

Not a lot exciting going on around here, both of the girls are getting much better everyone is still coughing though, It lingers, My poor MOM has been down with it for the last two weeks. We got to see her yesterday for the first time in a week which is very unusual for us.

Here are some pretties I'm working on :) My next pair of socks & a pretty dishcloth.

Been watching some new shoes, I'm SOOO badly missing my old ones though because of that darn strike!!! argh!! Big Brother started, It's going to be an exciting season! LOL!!!

I'm behind on American idol.

Jake talked me into Watching a show called Breaking Bad, It's about a high school chemistry teacher that finds out he's got cancer and doens't have long to live and starts doing some unusual things to secure his families future.. The first episode was quiet interesting. If you get the chance I suggest trying it out.

I'm sick for reality shoes.. So I'm watching Bret Micheals Rock of Love 2 and I have The Flavor of love recorded to watch as well :)

Jake and I are also watched Celebrity Rehab which I LOVE.

We're alos LOVING this season of Lost. What a fantastic show!

I have lipstick jungle recorded but I haven't watched it yet...

I also saw that Dexter, which was only on Showtime is now coming to CBS the lead actor was one of my faves from Six Feet Under so I'll def be giving that one a try :)

Hrmm.. That's all I can think of for now, I'm heading out for baby feeding :) Speaking of which Abbey is now broke of her bottle :)

Bye for now...


Lil Knitter said...

What an awesome Valentine's Day! Your necklace is just beautiful!
My youngest loves Hannah Montana too.
Yay for Abbey getting off the bottle!! She's getting to be big girl now. :)
I love that cloth...what pattern is that?
I don't know how you keep up with all those shows...I hardly ever watch TV. :P

Brie said...

beautiful valentine gifts=)

I need reality shows too...I'd love another juicy Paradise Hotel kinda show! hee Someday I'll watch all of Lost on dvd...once you miss a few there's no return LOL