Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's here...

You know what it is... you've had it... if you have kids your kids have had it too... yucky Flu! Ashley started getting sick on Sunday coming home from My Mom's house, Then Tuesday Abbey started snotting and coughing everywhere... 3 days of fighting it was enough for me so we took the girls to the ER last night. It was so full in the waiting room there was barely a place for us to sit and people who came in after us were standing. 3 hours later the Dr saw the girls and we went on our way with medicine even, Thank you Doc for saving us the pharmacy trip.

So I've been home for over a week, I have serious cabin fever I'm tired of wiping snot and cleaning puke and this is what my kithcen counter looks like.....

I'm dreaming of child free trips to Hobby Lobby, Child Free Knitting meetings... even child free trip to Wal-Mart (now that is bad, i hate wal-mart) LOL!!

Enough of that.

I have been knitting just a little bit. Yaay! haha! One of the pros of being stuck at home, Knitting & more Second Life :) LOL!! So here is what I've finished....

My first real pair of socks... I'm pissed though because I had to change balls of yarn in the middle of the secon sock and because of the way the coloring is on the balls of yarn I started in a light section and didn't notice until it was much too late... so you can see it here, But I'm still proud of them, I still love them & I'll still wear them!!

This is the felted bootie kit that I bought at L&B yarns on Norman the day Jake and I shopped while waiting for his Dad's plane arrival... they turned out so cute!

Let's see.. what else has been going on, I don't think I mentioned that while Jake's Dad was visiting we noticed the toilet leaking around the bottom by the floor... easy enough right? The seal needs replacing, we buy a seal life the toilet up replace the seal and put the toilet back right? NO! They pulled the toilet and the floor was rotten. So we had to replace that section of the floor so we wouldn't fall thru it. LOL! Not fun.. and now until we can afford some flooring to put down in there part of our bathroom floor is plyboard. Not pretty. Oh well, It matches the rest of this house now I guess.. LOL!!

I think I've covered about everything.. Sometimes I wish I HAd something more exciting to post about... a wild adventure... a cruise we went on a vacation to Hawaii and then I take a reality check and realize that this is MY life and I do Love it :) I am blessed.


Lil Knitter said...

I'm sorry y'all got that nasty's running rampant here.
Be proud of your socks g/f...I would wear them proudly...that is, if I could learn to knit them. I will...hopefully sooner than later.

Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Jill L said...

sorry abou the bugs! Your socks look great to me -- welcome to the club!

Brie said...

I hear you about wishing for some exciting cruise to write about!!! But for now it's just sick babies and house stuff here too=)
But instead of knitting I'm sewing and watching the bb feeds hee