Sunday, January 27, 2008

Houston...We had Some Company :)

Been a busy week, I have lots of goodies to share!

Thursday we went to Oklahoma City to pick Jake's Dad up from the Airport, When he walked through those terminal doors I didn't even recognize him!!!! He's lost over 110lbs and he looks fantastic!! While he was here we talked alot about the changes he's made in his eating habits and everything. He even encouraged and got me to buying and eating more veggies and Salad's and got me started on a daily multi-vitamin!!! He really has changed his life. It was uplifting to have him here. Jake left this morning to take him to the Airport, He will be missed.

I had my very first 2 week weigh in on Monday. I started following WW's 2 weeks ago Monday. So weighed in on Monday and I'd lost 9.5 lbs! In Two weeks!!!! I'm excited about that, but I know that I have a long way to go... My short term goal was 50lbs. so I have 40 more to go :) I have more than that to lose, but short term goels are better :)

Last Thursday Jake and I Headed to the city a bit early so we had some time to do a little shopping before picking his Dad up at the Airport. We were able to get Abbey's birthday present bought. We bought her a rocking unicorn :) I was also able to make a stop at a wonderful LYN in Norman, OK called L&B Yarn Company The girl working was veyr friendly and very helpful, The store was beautiful and of course full of beautiful yarns, I bought me a baby bootie pattern and the yarn for that and of course some more sock yarn.. I need to get busy so I have cute socks for my new Mary Jane Burkies! LOL!!! Here is a picture of my goodies :)

Abbey's birthday Party was Saturday evening, We had hot dogs and cake, punch & Ice Cream. Our house is so tiny and it was PACKED! There was barely enough room to move!!! But it was a great party, Fun to have friends and family all around us to celebrate.

On Sunday we had Maddie's Birthday part. She turned 5. I had made her a few more pages from the last year to add to the scrapbook I gave to her last year on her birthday and Ashley gave her a Hannah Montanna Doll :) It was a cute party, at the YMCA and they swam but Ashley was afraid to get in the pool because it was so big :-P I really need to get her out more often.

I did finally finish the Ballband set I'm making as a surprise for a special friend of mine, I just need to get hte buttons for the towels when I head to Hobby Lobby this month :) Then I'll be mailing the package out :)

Okay I guess that's it :) Until next time...


Lil Knitter said...

Congrats to Jake's Dad for the weight loss. You're gonna do just as good girl...wait and see. 1o lbs already...wtg!
By the look of Abbey's face..that was some good cake.
I love love love that Ballband set. Some of my favorite colors! They're so "purdy". lol

Jill L said...

Man you have been busy. Congrats to you and your Dad. My DS is doing ww and lost 10 pounds as well. She is getting married in July so she has some incentive. She has 30 more to loose. Your kids are adorable!