Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Back :0)

It's been a weird couple of weeks.

Last week, January 9th, Shawn called (my ex-husband & Oldest Daughters Daddy) It was his day for visitation and he was calling to see if it was okay if he skipped it this week, He hardly ever does that so I found it strange but then he want on to tell me that His Sister, Donna had passed away. For those who don't know. Donna and my Current Husband dated while Shawn and I were still married. (Jerry springer-ish I know) But anyway, He was still dealing with the loss himself and didn't want to have to explain it to Ashley that Day, He would tell her during his weekend visit with her. Now, Donna and I were not on the best terms the last few years, But I never wish death on anybody, I was sad.. sad for my Daughter because this meant she had lost her Aunt, whom she was very fond of. It was hard & I worried how she would take the news but she handled it very very well. Maybe it's mostly just not understanding. But She sang "I'll fly Away" at her funeral, Shawn said he cried watching her... So strong and singing so pretty, I was touched and wish I could have been there to see it :)

Jake wasn't effected by it, He and Donna didn't seperate on good terms and Jake was very bitter with her for the way she used and treated him and then he was upset on a few things she'd told Ashley about them... always sending stuff home with Ashley that he had bought for her when they were together... vengeful things... She wasn't the worst person in the world.. She just made really irrational choices . . .

So onto other things, This past weekend Danette and I were invited to our friend Susan's house for the weekend a Girls getaway, She lives in Arlington, Texas, That was about a 2 hour drive from here we had a great time!! I got quiet a bit done! Susan was a great hostess, She even cooked us breakfast both mornings, DELICIOUS!! We even got to Visit with Teresa & Susie (our other Scrapbook retreat girls :) We went and had Dinner at the Texas Roadhouse I think it was called, YUMMY!!!

I've been feeling down a lot lately, I'd put on a LOT of weight since getting pregnant and having Abbey. I'm having trouble breathing and no clothes fit me... While we were down there this weekend I talked about it with the other ladies... It felt good to talk about it in the open, It's hard to talk to Jake about my weight problems because he doesn't understand them... He's skinny and always has been. I was inspired by Susie this weekend, When we went to eat, She totally resisted the cheese fries that came to the table, even the YUMMY bread & butter, to top it off she even ordered a chicken salad!!! That's what it's about afterall, Just making better eating choices! Even teresa inspired me, She had the cheese fries, but instead of ordering an entree' she order a salad like Susie :) So on Monday I started following the Weight Watchers program again, it is one of the few things that have helped me in the past, So far it's going pretty well, I've been on points, I HAd some recipes in the house that I'd already bought stuff for that were points friendly but I've made do with what I have... I think I'll probably weigh in every two weeks, Mostly because I'm hoping to see bigger results that way and party because every week drives me mad.

So okay.. onto other things, At the last retreat I'd started a family recipe scrapbook, I'd done it in the size 6x12 I found a book for those pages this past weekend :) Here is a the book and you can kind of see a couple of the recipe pages, They are all laid out the same way so look the same.

Danette and I also stopped at The Container Store on our way home and I bought me a goodie to keep my Scrapbook flowers in, Good thing we don't have one of those stores here, I found LOTS of stuff I'd like to have from there... it's a neat freaks heaven! Here is my goodie

While I was gone this weekend, Jake went to his company after Christmas Christmas party. He won a DVD cam corder, Which he traded for a DVD recorder and $50. We also totally lucked out and one of our friends won a HP 4x6 photo printer, I had a dell one that was a few years old, but he only wanted $20 for it!! So Jake bought it! Seems I'll be keeping this one since it prints so awesome and MOM will be buying my dell one :)

That's it for this time... until next time :)


Lil Knitter said...

Aww, Mandy, I am so sorry hun. I wish I was there to give you a big old hug.
As for the weight, you can do anything you set your mind to. I personally think you are beautiful just the way you are but you do this for yourself if you really want to do it.
Love your recipe book, that is so nice.
Congrats on the win, Jake.
Remember, I'm here for ya!

Dawn said...

Oh wow hun, I remember Donna had some heart condition or something? That really is a shame for the people who cared for her, so I am sorry for Ashley and Shawn's loss, and that you're in a bad situation trying to deal with it too. I know you've been busy, as I have too, LOL, but at least we see each other in SL :) I am SO grateful for that!! ~HUGS~ Love ya!!

Brie said...

It's a shock to see that she passed...I hope Ashley takes it well. Are you doing okay with it?

I love your recipe sb!