Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Company is coming....

...and what does this mean for me? Cleaning, scrubbing, dusting, mopping, sweeping, laundry and STILL not feeling that it's good enough... I'm too damn picky and this house it too old to make it look what "my" idea of perfect is. My life is perfect... the only thing I wish for is a decent house to clean and invite people into.. soon, we're dreaming and planning.. very soon I Hope...

I'm doing fantastic on WW's so far!! I haven't went over points, It feels good to not be pigging out all the time. I'm scared because I know my TOTM is on it's way and my hormones are so all over the place during this time, I hope I can keep grip on myself.

The company coming is Jake's Dad for Abbey's birthday this weekend, We're headed to the city tomorrow to pick up a gift for Abbey at Toys R Us and pick him up at the Airport. We're looking forard to his visit :) He is such a great guy, enjoyable to be around :)

I treated myself last week to something and it came it the mail yesterday... I'm so in love with Burkies, They are the only shoe I have that I can wear standing al day and my arches don't hurt at the end of the day... so I bought these beauties . . and wouldn't you know... It's 25 degrees outside... I HAven't finished knitting my first pair of cute socks, so I can't EVEN wear em!!! arg! Check em out.

While I'm stressing and cleaning myself to death today here is what my youngest is doing... wish I could crawl in there with her :)


Lil Knitter said...

Awww...slide over and make room for one more. I so need a nap right now.
I love those shoes! They are so cute and they look comfy too. Where do you get them? I got a birthday coming up in a few months. :)

*That was the sweetest comment you left girlfriend. You made me all teary eyed too. You're the sweetest and I love ya!

Brie said...

I understand the cleaning...but they're not coming to see the house hee=)

LOVE the shoes!!!

That's exactly what Justin is doing right now and I envy him LOL

Jill L said...

I have an old jhome too so I know what you mean. Now tha you have cute shoes to wear, get knittin' on those socks!