Friday, August 01, 2008

Bloggin Crazy

I think what has happened with my Blogging is that I have taken to reading so many blogs that I forget to post to my own! BAD Mandi! I am really addicted to crafty blogs though and there are so many good ones out there I just love it... and with my 3 hobbies (knitting, sewing & Scrapbooking) that means even MORE blogs to chose from, They are a great inspiration though! Seriously.

So we've had a lot going on around here (and yes I do mean other than blog surfing LOL) We have some special company coming on Tuesday. Jake's friend Casey from Washington is coming down to spend a few days with us, He'll arrive on Tuesday and we'll pick him up in OKC from the Airport. Then come home, Then on Wednesday Morning we'll head to Dallas (Grand Prairie really) Texas. Jake and Casey have tickets to go see Weird Al (insert eye roll) in concert and while they are there me and the girls will be meeting up with my retreat Girlfriends for their normal girls night out for dinner. I'm really looking forward to it and everyone meeting the girls :) We have rented a room to stay in on Wednesday night and have a lot of piddling planned for our trip home Thursday who knows where the road will take us on the way home, We're open for anything. The rest of Casey's visit is planned to be filled with lots of visting and playing the WII. . .

Speaking of the WII we are pretty excited around here about a big upgrade we made. It was badly needed.... A New TV!! Our old TV didn't have a very good picture and we were just waiting on it to go out.. So here is our entertainment center before. . .

and here is our entertainment center after.... wowoowowowowo BIG TV :) We're so happy to have a nice TV to play the WII on and watch movies, Plus getting rid of that old entertainment center made the living room look bigger...
If you have any young girls in the house you probably already know all about the Hannah Montanna 3-D concert that aired last week on the Disney channel, That day I had been gone to a small crop in Nebo Oklahoma. I was looking forward to coming home and watching the Concert with Ashley. She had been so excited about it. HM is so cute and I love her music :) Here we are with our 3-D glasses.
If you've been following me you know we've been working on redecorating our bathroom and hall, we are almost finished and I will have pictures of that soon. But I had taken everything out of the hall closets to paint them and was astonished to see all of the blankets that family and friends have hand made for me and the girls and Jake even has a few in there... Here they are 3 stacks of them even!!! I love handmade gifts.

Something else new and exciting in our house (but only to me) is my very first order with Stampin Bella stamps. I just LOVE these stamps, They are adorable, We've been so busy putting trim down in the hall and bathroom and getting ready for the Garage sale we're having tomorrow I haven't even had a chance to mount and play with them!!!! I can hardly wait!

I have been finding a little time for some knitting, I managed to finish this dish towel, it's called the Leftovers Dishcloth :)

I think that's it for today, I need to get the girls their lunch and call AT&T about some HD DVR action for the new TV :)


Lil Knitter said...

Oh girl, I so lurve that new TV! How awesome! I agree the room does look bigger now.
You've got a great stash of blankets there...even better that they're all hand made. I just love hand made too.
I totally understand about the blogs...I think I have the same problem. :P I like all kinds of crafty blogs....knitting, sewing, recycled crafting...omg...there's just so much good stuff out there. I'm having a REAL hard time keeping up. :P

*love that first picture of little Ms Cutie Patootie*

Brie said...

I love your new tv/entertainment center!!! When we got our wii we also had to get a new tv hee;)
We got the glasses for that HM and then totally missed it...bummer! You two are so cute together hee:)
Wow that's a lot of handmade blankets!!! How awesome!

randi K design said...

HI! Cute wash cloth!