Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow is the big day, We're ready we just have a TON of wrapping to get accomplished tonight. Good thing my hubby is as into wrapping as I am :) hehe! Above are some photo's of our tree. I always hang the cards we get with Photo's on them on the tree.

We had Christmas with my Mom and Sister last night we had our normal Mexican Christmas, Mom made the turkey enchilada's from our leftover thanksgiving turkey and we exchanged gifts. Mom spoiled me as usual. I got an awesome repositional tray for my laptop that slides under the edge of the couch, I also got THE BEST bread knife which I needed so badly I didn't have a good knife to cut through the homemade breads and I got the most awesome silicon Apron!!!! Water proof and heat proof. I was very Happy with my gifts, The girls and Jake were spoiled as well, Mom is always so good to us and she always worries it's not enough when it's really too much.

Ashley will leave this evening for her Dad's. It's her Dad's year to have her for Christmas. So Abbey will do Christmas morning alone. Ashley will get her gifts from us when she comes home Sunday evening. I hate making her wait so long but thought it would be even more cruel to let her open them all today and then have to leave it all to go to her Dad's. LOL!!!

This past Friday was Ashley's last day of school before Christmas break. so her class had their Christmas party. I went and brought iced cookies and took pictures, Ashley's class was cute. I was surprised at how well mannered everyone was as well. Lot's of Please and Thank You's being used. I do love that. So here are some photo's from the Party, Abbey even got to enjoy some goodies.

I found the most awesome thing at Starbucks on last Monday nights knit in. A coffee mug that looks like a cabled knit!!!! awesome! I got it of course.. haha!!!

I guess that's about it for now. Until next time . . .



Jill L said...

Love your tree -- the girls are so cute. I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Brie said...

cute idea with the cards!
School parties are so sweet:)