Friday, December 19, 2008

Questions That No-One Asks . .

Ryan's Blog is one of my favorite blogs He & The Pioneer woman know how to keep a serious blog reader entertained for sure. I always look forward to Ryan's posts & Today he posted this entry. It made me realize I often like to answer questions that people never ask me. hehe, So here are my questions that people never ask . . .

Why do you chose to stay at home instead of going to work?

Because I want to raise my children, I love them and I want them to have
my morals and my values. I want to teach them to love others and be good
people no matter what they do in life. I want to be there for them %100 when
they need me. I sacrifice a nicer house and material things, so what? :)

Why do you keep your house so neat and tidy?

Hehe, First of all because I'm a control freak> TOTALLY! Stuff has a place
and it needs to be there. Secondly, I'm a SAHM to me my house and my
children are a direct reflection of what I do each day. Third I'd say because
my Dad was... maybe it's genetic.

Why do you think your overweight?

No-one is ever brave enough to ask this one. I'm fat because I love food. Not
because I'm unhappy because believe me I'm VERY happy. I love to cook food
I love to taste food and I love to eat it :) oh and I hate excercise... I'm an addict
to food. it's serious. Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who forgets
to eat.

Why do you scrapbook?

I love recording my Children's lives for them. I love knowing that I'm creating something
that will be cherished of me long after I leave this world. I love that my Children will see
themselves grow and live thru my eyes.

Why do you knit?

Simply put, I started knitting because I needed something to keep busy on while I'm sitting and watching TV with the family. It drives me nuts to not be getting something accomplished while sitting there. I feel as thought I'm wasting time if I don't. I knit because I love handmade things, I knit because I LOVE the way those two needles and yarn feel in my hands. There is just something that is very comforting to me about it. Only a knitter could understand what I mean.

Are you truly Happy?

Yes, I believe I have found true Happiness. Jake and I could not be more perfect for each other & I believe the two of us could get thru almost anything together. My girls are Healthy, Loving Children. Sure I complain sometimes about not having a bigger (maybe even nicer) house. But we have a home & I know inside I am to just be thankful for that. I'm only human afterall, we like nice material things don't we?? I thank the Lord very often for being so blessed.

Okay corny but true, There they are. Ryan asked to link back to his blog if you followed his lead. So if you decide to do this on your blog please leave me your link in my comments, I'd love to visit and see what your Un-asked questions are.


Elaine said...

Cool post. I found you through Ryan's blog. Have a great Christmas.

Brie said...

Love this:) I might have to do this one when I have a bit more brainpower!

JUST SHAR said...

I loved reading your answers!!!! :)
oh man, i LOVE food too!!! :) hee