Friday, August 17, 2007

Ashley's First Day of Kindergarten :+)

I've always heard my friends say that their children grow to fast & that it's one of the hardest things to see them get older. Now I know it's true. I thought after Ashley starting Pre-School last year that this year wouldn't be hard on me at all. That's not true.

Last year Ashley went to Pre-school at Chickasaw Headstart, A small school with 5 classrooms total and 20 kids per room each with One teacher & Two Assistants . The Teacher & Assistants drove the buses & picked all of the children in their class up at home. I felt safe knowing these things.. While Ashley doesn't ride the bus (kindergartener's can't ride unless they have an older sibling, not that I'd let her even if she could this year) I take her to school... drop her off at the door, pick her up at the door, safe enough... It's while she's there that I worry.. LOL! They let 3 kindergartener's walk alone down to the cafeteria for breakfast, It makes me worry a little, Just a little. But I just pray she's safe. I'm Mommy, It's my job to worry about these little things right? Being extra careful about our children's safety is never a bad thing. annoying maybe. but never bad.

So Ashley started Kindergarten on Wednesday. Her Teacher's name is Mrs. Allen, She seems okay, but she's not as "down to earth" and Friendly as Mrs. Hodges was last year. She's very different. I hope she's a nice lady and Ashley likes her, I have my worries. Everything is very different from last year of course and Ashley did tell me it's not as fun as last year. Poor thing, every year just get's harder right? But I can't tell her that, I have to try to make her believe that school is fun and learning is a wonderful thing, Because I want great things for her, I want her to be independant and smart, I know she can.

So here are some pictures from our first Day getting there. It was chaos! The new school has um... I'm guessing there to be like 25 classrooms and 20 kids per class.. Large school... onto the pics...

The "Big School"

Ashley's Cubby

Ashley's Desk

The line of cars I wait in to pick her up! Wow...10 minutes we wait.

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Brie said...

She's so cute and I love her cubby! It never does get easier... Interesting kindergarteners can't ride the bus! Here they let pre-k kids ride with the other kids!