Thursday, August 09, 2007

What's Been Going On...

It's funny, It seems like I've been running my legs off lately, But I can't seem to remember anything I did worth mentioning too much, Just everyday life sort of stuff, But here is some of the things I can remember and have pictures of..

Ashley's been very bored since we got back from Vacation, She had just gotten out of the summer program at her pre-school when we left for our WA vacation. All I can say is thank goodness she wasn't home with me all day everyday for 3 months. She's been getting into a lot of Mischief, bad mischief, A few days ago she cut the cords off of her v-smile. How she snuck scissors past me I'll never understand. She has done a few distructive things since Abbey was born, Even though we try to give her a lot of extra attention and let her be a part of everything, She still seems to be acting out a bit about the changes. With that news, She starts school next Wednesday Kindergarten, full day 8am-3pm. Bliss! That will make me dred next Summer even more.. no preschool program then.. LOL!! We have bought her school supplies and even a few new suits and Mom bought her two pairs of shoes. I do still need to get her a backpack though! argh! I may be doing that tomorrow. a little trip outta town that I Hope works out for me!

Abbey is doing good.. on everything but solid foods, She's not learning to swallow very well or something.. She throws up the things we try, oatmeal baby cereal, banana's, apple sauce.. all back up.. not sure.. worries me. everything worries me. She does keep her formula down and seems in love with her bottle.

The only crafting I've been doing are dishcloths, Because I can sit for a couple of minutes and work a few rows and tend to whatever else.. not enough free time to start a scrapbook layout or play with my new stamp sets I"m dying to play when, Maybe, when school starts.
I did treat myself to something I'd been wanting for some time. Birkenstocks! Or as I prefer to cal them Birki's! I'm in love with these shoes, They are expensive, more expensive than we can afford, That's why they are on easy pay on QVC LOL!! They are so comfy and I LOVE the way they hug my arches!

ugh fankles!!!! Cute shoes though!

I have a new friend, Misty, I've got her started on knitting and now hooked on Dishcloths, Here she is with her first one, Don't tell her I shared, she'd die if If she knew.. hee!

Last weekend my sweet Sister turned 30 years old, Happy Birthday Kristi, we love you much!

That's it for this time folks!


Gipsy said...

Ah I see, you love Birkenstock! I have a ton of those - they are so comfy but B. hates them, he thinks they are too "heavy" for my feet hehe.. but I like them for work all day...

Dawn said...

Sounds like things are going well hun, even if you have been busy :) Love the cute birki's, thanks for showing us! Hope to chat with ya real soon!!!