Saturday, August 18, 2007

My First Yarn Store!!

On Friday of las week (Aug. 10th) My friend Misty had her bi-monthly Dr's appointment in the city, Normally her husband does take her, But I needed to get to a Target to shop for school finds for Ashley so I asked if I could take her and we could make it a girl's day!

As it turns out The Gourmet Yarn Co. yarn store was only 3 miles from where her Dr's Office was located. I've never been in an exclusive yarn/knitting store before. We don't have those here in Po-Dunk Ardmore, OK (along with many other great "scenes" we do not have) We only have our Good but limited selection of yarns at Hobby Lobby. So stopping was a "must" I was in awe as soon as I walked through the door, Yarn, beautiful yarn everywhere!! I felt a sense of peace fall over me (I'm a simple woman afterall) and the real kicker, There was a knitting area! Where you can sit and knit!! I knew they existed but never had the pleasure of seeing such a wonderful thing. As a Scrapbooker who Crops as often as she can I understand what a Joy it can be to share your crafting with others while doing so together! So I bought my first sock yarn to start my first real pair of socks and an adorable pattern for a top I want to knit for Abbey..

I am a dork and had the very nice lady working to take a photo of Misty, Abbey & I together in the store.. I love Yarn... For those who don't know I am the one on your left...

After spending a good 1.5 hours drooling over yarn there we headed to Red Lobster for lunch. It had been quiet a while for me, The fallback of being in love with someone who doesn't care for Seafood.

After lunch we headed to Michaels, Where Misty and I had a great find! We got these great awesome and WONDERFUL knitting bags, for the low price of $10 a piece! (They were $20 but there were some ugly blue ones on the clearance isle for $10 so Misty finagled them down LOL!!) Here is our wonderful find...

The outside, Such a pretty color, Very feminine!

For those passer by's who wonder what the hell kind of bag I'm carrying check this cute little touch on the front! It' screams for me "YES I KNIT WORLD!!!"

A really bad pic of how things are supposed to be organized inside... maybe someday I will have a pic of how I have things in it.. I love this bag!

After that w headed to Target and picked out a cute Hello Kitty Backpack for Ashley and a few other things school related...That was my trip, We had a great time!


Melanie said...

How awesome...I wish we had a LYS.
I have that bag also but mine is blue. I love the color of's so pretty! What a great day.

Brie said...

What a fun day! Red Lobster sounds super good=)

Jill said...

SOunds like a wonderful outing! Love the yarn you bought for your daughters sweater -- you can put it all in your new bag!

CeElle said...

Good for you! Your first official -off-the-beaten-path-yarn-shop. I can imagine your adrenaline was rushing :) Isn't it awesome feeling and all the yarn? It sounds like you had lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.

How is kindergarten going?

Brie said...

Ya know I was in Michaels the other day and I saw a yarn book...would you believe that I actually thought about buying it? It's your fault you know! LOL I must stick to just scrapbooking until I get more caught up! hee