Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the Goodman/Egbert Household :o)

First let me share the great news about Greg! He is doing much better, They've reduced his medications and he actually stood on his own for a short bit yesterday, They took his neck brace off as there was no damage to the next. Today they may possibly be moving him to a rehab center so that he can continue his healing.. Thank you to those who have continued to pray and please carry on, He has a lot of healing to do yet. We sure miss Greg around here..

This weekend was Ashley's 6Th Birthday. She had her party with her Dad on Saturday and her party with us was on Sunday. Since this was her weekend with her Dad, Jake and I got to spend the entire weekend working on her gift from us! We painted her bedroom pink and replaced her old bedding with new Hello Kitty bedding.. now this is what a 6 year old's bedroom should look like!

Jake and I painted all weekend and my way to good Mom made her the adorable curtains!

This however was NOT how a 6 year olds bedroom should look... yuck!

The look on her face was priceless she said it was beautiful and was speechless for a few minutes.

Her Birthday party went well. Here are a few photo's from that...

That's about it for now, I Have an itch to knit, So I'm going to go see about that! LOL!!!1


Melanie said...

Mandi, Awesome news on your friend Greg...so good to hear it! What a busy weekend for you two...the room turned out great! It's so pretty...my own daughter would be so jealous...ssshh, don't tell her.
Your Mom did a wonderful job on the curtains...so feminine. Now go take care of the itch...I'm doing another dishcloth dress while I blog hop. lol Hugs!

Brie said...

I am so happy to hear Greg is improving!
Ashley's room is just darling!! Good job!