Sunday, September 16, 2007

Updates . . .

It's been a crazy week & a rough weekend. I have a lot of pictures in my blog folder that I've been meaning to blog about and lots I want to post about so I'm going to do it all here in one blog.

Thank you to all of you who have been thinking of and praying for Greg (Greg is on the right). Greg is from Washington and has no family here in Oklahoma, So our group of friends are all like family to him and each other. We've all been up in Norman everyday to support him and be there for his Parents and Sister if they need anything. They are truly wonderful people. Greg is a special guy, He's very nice and giving and just fun to be around. Greg was more responsive yesterday, They finally started backing him away from the meds and he was more alert, he responded by hand squeeze when asked if he could hear the nurse and see his Mom and Sister, So that's very good. He also shook his head up and down when asked if he was hurting. It's still too early too tell how much damage was done. But he is at least stabilized and on the road to recovery. When I know more I will post. Please continue to pray and think of Greg and his family.

Abbey is getting to be in quiet a lot of mischief lately for sure. Starting to get into things a lot more... She recently found my ball of yarn in the floor while I was knitting, She was like a kitty Cat attacking it!!

She also has learned how to get into our diaper basket under the coffee table and turn it over... She gets everything out and chews on it of course... LOL!!!

Last weekend Mom and I headed down towards Dallas, TX for her belated Birthday trip, She wanted to go down for some shopping and dinner at TGI Friday's. We were child free which was very unusual shopping for us! hee! We had a great time... Mom found her a quiet hairy and handsome bear to snuggle with at the chocolate factory..

My good finds for the day was this Garlic holder from Kitchen collections and then a new pair of shoes (for walking) from the Sketchers outlet. They are so comfy.

Jake and I have been wanting and water cooler for some time. We drink a lot of water around here and the gallon jugs take up a lot of room in our little fridge but we couldn't bring ourselves to pay $100 for one, It just so happens I drove by a garage sale the other day where they had one that looked almost brand new, hardly been used and they only wanted $15 for it! So here it is, Works fantastic and we LOVE it!!

Ashley had farmer day at school last week, They could dress up as a farm animal or farmer or farmers wife. Ashley was a farmers wife...

Not much else going on around here really. In my knitting bag I have a nubbins dishcloth I'm working on, My second one and I Also have some socks, an adorable sweater for Abbey and of course the afghan I can never seem to be motivated to work on. I've seen so many afghan patterns I like so much better since I started that one. Ashley's been asking for some fingerless gloves for play so I need to try to find a kids pattern or alter an adult pattern for that. I've decided I want to find one or two good charities that accept knitted items. So I can knit some things for them.

I guess that's it for now. This week I'll be busy getting ready for Ashley's birthday party which we're having here at the house with just our family and friends.

Until next time!

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Melanie said...

Mandi, I'm so glad to hear that Greg is doing better. There's nothing better than the power of prayer. He's lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Ashley is such a cute farmer! And maybe that's a sign that Abby will be a knitter too.

Take care and lot of hugs to ya!