Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ashley's 7th Birthday!!!

My oldest Daugther is now 7 years old :) I can't believe she's 7! She's still my baby. Even if we do have another baby in the family! Hey, They can both be Momma's babies right?

The party was small but nice, We had it out in the yard here at the house. It was a beautiful day and it was wonderful to have the family altogether. We Burgers, Hot Dogs and of course Cake and Ice Cream! BTW did you see this beautiful cake??? This one . . . .

Isn't it cute... guess where I got it?!?! From MY Kitchen :) I made it and decorated it too!!! 8 years experience in a Wal-Mart Bakery did do me some good I guess :) I did get the icing recipe from Jake's Mom since she is the professional and I knew she would have a good recipe. She did not disappoint it was delicious!!!


Lil Knitter said...

High five on that looks great! My youngest daughter loves Hannah too and HSM.
Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!

*sigh...they just grow up too fast*

Brie said...

Awesome job on the cake!!! She's such a cutie:)) Outside birthdays rule!

marey said...

Amanda turned 13 on Ashley's day, too and she is still my baby! LOL :)) Wow Mandi you rocked at making the cake, it is beautiful! Gracie looooves HM! Looked like a totally fun day! :)