Sunday, September 21, 2008

Loud Music & Anniversary Celebrations!

My body is exhausted and I'm tired all over but my minds wheels are still turning, So I'm here, blogging, Something I'd LOVE to spend more time doing. I haven't been blogging alot and I'm sorry for that. I promise myself and my friends that I will try to be better and post more often then I have been. Today is Ashley's 7th birthday!! (do i really have a 7 year old) It was a small party here at the house, I'll post about it later :)

So last weekend was a busy and exciting one! A few months ago tickets went on sale to see no other than Mr. Rock of Love himself, Bret Michaels. Having been a long time fan of poision and an addict to ROL and the fact that he's a little hottie doesn't hurt, I HAD to get Tickets, Danette went with me. Name like Bret, dont' come to Ardmore very often, We don't have a really good concert hall for the bigger bands so I was surprised when I heard he was coming to Ardmore, even if he's really not so big anymore :) It was a great concert. It was wonderful to see him in person as well as Amber and Catherine from ROL 2 :) In case your wondering I am disappointed to hear there will be another ROL because I really loved Amber for Bret but in the same note I am very much looking forward to watching another season ;-) Hehe!

The night before the concert we had a get together at my Cousin Angie's house for My aunt Connie and Her Husband Larry's 40th Anniversary. It's always wonderful to celebrate with a couple that many years of love and commitment, They are both very special people. Funny thing to share, Their anniversary day was the same as mine and Jake :) They just celebrated theirs later with family :) Here is the anniversary card that I made for them :)

I've been playing in Second Life as much as I can lately (this being part of the reason I haven't been blogging as much) I have a Ravelry Stitch N Bitch group in SL and we try to meet once a week on Thursday's here is a photo of us knitting in SL. You should be able to click on the photo and see a bigger photo if you'd like to.

That's all for tonight, I'm trying to finish up Season 2 Disc 3 of Boston Legal before we send it back to Netflix. I love this show. I'm new to watching it. My Knitting Buddy Diane got me hooked :)

Until next time, Goodnight! :O)

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Lil Knitter said...

So glad you got to see Bret. I was a huge Poison fan back in the good old days. We saw them in concert more times than I can remember.
Love your card...I'm always in awe of your hand made cards. They're so beautiful.