Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween Post

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, Mine was busy but fun!

Ashley was Hannah Montanna and Abbey was a Kitty Cat since that is one of her favorite things right now. hee! They were both too cute!

It was very hard to get photo's of them this year. I've not been real good about taking pictures in the last month, I need to get back into picture taking mode but our digital camera is getting older and it pretty much only takes good pictures in natural light which is hard to get just right sometimes. I think that is what I will be begging for, for Christmas, ours is way old... like 5 years old.

Anyway, Jake and I took the girls down town to trick or treat the businesses from 3-5pm. Ashley went with her Daddy at 5pm and then I headed to Maypearl, Texas with Danette to a Halloween crop at the Stolen Moments Inn. We had a fun time and I got 18 layouts done. I'm almost caught up on the girls albums! After that I hope to get to some of my old pictures from single life :) hee!!

I did my weekly menu plan yesterday. Here is what's on the menu for the week.

Au Gratin Beef Bake (Melissa's week)
Seasoned Burger & Potato Packets
Italian Crock Pot Meatloaf (New Recipe)
Chicken Stew (my week)
Easy Chicken Cacciatore (Melissa's Week)
Easy Taco Stew (My Week)
Spaghetti (made with Mini Penne Noodles as always)
Beef Roast (not sure how I'm going to cook it this time yet)

I have a few bread recipes saved I want to try and a new tea cookie recipe I'm going to make for our campfire meeting Wednesday night, I also have a few banana's about to go bad so I'm going to make banana nut muffins with those :)
I just posted 3 new recipes to my recipe blog that we tried last week. As always we really liked them or I wouldn't have posted them. Go check them out when you have time and if your interested.

Abbey got to have a little fun with Ashley's Hannah Montanna wig after Halloween, or Monya as Abbey calls her :)

Until Next time . . .


Jackie said...

Isn't there something so precious about a little foot?!

Your girls are adorable!

JUST SHAR said...

that hannah montana wig on abbey is absolutely priceless!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it..
and the baby feet "cries" i so miss them.. only feet in the world that smell good too. hee.
I loved reading this. I wonder how many Hannay MOntana's there were this year. My niece was too!!

Lil Knitter said...

The girls look so cute in their costumes. I didn't manage to get any really good photos this year either...must be something in the air.
Abbey is too funny in that wig afterwards. rofl
Cross your fingers...maybe Santa will get you a nice new camera.

Brie said...

The girls are so precious!!!

The wig on Abbey is so funny! It's as big as she is!