Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is a photo of my Grandma and Mom, Aren't they beautiful?!? My Grandmother raised 5 children of her own, She now raises 3 children that belong to her youngest daughter, She taught us to be strong and independant and how to do things for ourselves. My Mom raised Me and My Mentally Challenged sister pretty much on her own with a husband who'd rather be gone than home, but she never stopped loving him until he was gone. Both did everything alone, Both are strong and beautiful. I love them. They are a part of who I am :)
I've been thinking of ways to cut down on our living costs. Not because we're starving or anything but I'd like to start saving us little bits of money wherever I can, So I've been reading a lot of money saving articles online this week and educating myself. Jake and I have always budgeted our money, He's good like that and anything I can do to help save some of our money is a good thing.
Many of you already know, some don't, That jake works at Circuit City Dist. here in Ardmore, He's worked for the company for a little over 13 years I believe. The company hasn't been doing great for the last couple of years and with the economy like it is right now it's hit them pretty badly. They laid off a lot of corporate employees and filed Chapter 11. They want to try to Restructure the company. I do so hope it works, But Jake and I are going to begin preparing our life and ourselves in the even that it doesn't. We're okay now, as we always have been, but we have to be cautious and think ahead so if he does lose his job we're as ready as we can be for it.
Not too much going on around here, saving money means no extra spending so I've been home ALL of the last two weeks.. LOL! That's okay though, I enjoy being at home :) Lot's of cleaning, Second Life, and Knitting time :)
Guess that's it... until next time . . .

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Brie said...

They are beautiful:) How fortunate you are to still have them!

I love to save money and be frugal...I read every article I see about cutting costs and would hope that if we were put in the position again of Chris not working we'd be able to get by successfully. It is such a good idea to be prepared:)