Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Star Trek & Rosie :)

Hello, It's so boring around here lately I don't have anything new to post about. hee! Ah well uneventful is good for a change :)

Jake and I got a subscription to Netflix awhile back, Truly one of the best things we have done for ouselves, We enjoy it so much, I'm working my way thru the Season's of Boston Legal and Sex and The City. Jake and I are looking forward to the new Star Trek movie to be released in 2009 because it has Zachary Quinto from Heroes play Spock! So we've been working our way thru watching the Star Trek movies, I've never seen them!! I love William Shatner, He's so funny. Love Spock. my Favorite, it's been fun watching these old movies.

I've been knitting on several things, I have nothing finished lately though. I'm getting close on a pair of socks using the Monkey Patter by Cookie A. I'm learning that no matter what the sock pattern says for my fat feet and ankles I need to use the size 3 needles for socks for me.
Okay, Next week on the 26th on NBC Rosie Odonnell has a special on called Rosie Live, I've been a fan of Rosie's for years and I CANNOT WAIT to see the show, I miss seing her on TV :)I've heard that if this show does good, there are plans for a weekly show in the future :)
Okay well, nothing else to babble about I guess.
Until next time


Jackie said...

I don't care what anyone says....I'm a Rosie fan too! I'd forgotten she had a special coming up. I need to make sure I schedule it on TiVo.

Brie said...

I'm not a Rosie fan truthfully but I did like watching her show years and years ago.

Uneventful is so nice!

Jill L said...

Sometimes boring is good! Enjoy the quiet before the madness that is Christmas!