Friday, June 19, 2009

Biker Girl

Several months ago Ashley's Daddy bought him a new motorcycle, His first one. I was relieved when it only had one seat... then he informed me he would be adding things to it to make it a two seater *sigh* Now, I myself have rode on motorcycles. But I am in no way shape or form okay with my 7 year old riding. Everything he pulls away from the house with her on the back it makes me a nervous wreck and I have to occupy myself while she's gone to keep my mind off of it. I do say a small prayer everytime she leaves... with that aside She of course loves riding with her Daddy and I'd say she makes a rather cute Biker Girl :)


Brie said...

She is adorable! I bet you are a nervous wreck though!!

Jackie said...

I'd be a nervous wreck too! But I must admit, she looks totally at home on the back of the bike and she is totally rocking the elementary school biker chick look! :)


i'd be the SAME WAY!!!! but you're right, does make an adorable biker girl.. hee