Friday, June 19, 2009


When my First Husband and I were married we went camping with some friends of ours quiet a bit. I hadn't been since my first marriage what I would guess to be around 6 years. We always tent camped and I loved being in the outdoors relaxing and swimming.

So last weekend Me, My Mom, My Sister and my two girls packed up and decided to go camping for the weekend, We had a great time! The only bummer was, what was to be our last night there a bad thunderstorm game through a flooded everything! Argh! We had to leave and come back the next morning to get everything. But while we were there we enjoyed it so much and look forward to going again soon!

We went down on Thursday morning and stayed till Sunday (almost)I cooked breakfast every morning & dinner every evening. I cannot wait to go back. Here are a few photo's from our camping trip! No tent shots though... darn it!


JUST SHAR said...

you make it look so fun!!! hee.. the girls are so cute in their swimsuits!!

Brie said...

Love it!!! :)