Monday, June 08, 2009

Garage Sales!

Hubby and I have recently discovered that we love going to Garage sales!! Since he's off on Friday and already up in the early hours because of night shift, we decided one Friday 3 weeks ago to go check out some garage sales! We were addicted after the first day, Now don't be mistaken we're not the clutter bug types so we only look for good deals on things we need :) or could actually use! I've been posting a little about my Garage Sale adventures on Facebook and everyone always asks if I found anything good, so I decided to take a few pictures of the goodies we've found. So here are some of our finds :)

First up we have Abbey's Sit N Spin, Funny story about this toy, On her second birthday we looked all over for one of this things and couldn't even find one online! We're not sure exactly how old this one is since we can't find a date but we're guessing the 80's! But we paid $2 for this and Abbey absolutely loves it!!

These are those space saver things for your closets. In our bitty house we for sure needed these!
I paid $1 for these.
These are Ashley's garage sale finds but the lady was very nice and let her have them :) free is good too!

I got this crackle painted mirror and shelf both for $2.50. Not sure where to hang them yet :)

This purse is the brand name, The Sak I'm not familiar with the name brand, since I'm not a name brand kind of girl, but I paid $5 for this... Mom says she thinks they are expensive and you buy them at Department stores like Macy's and Dillards I wouldn't know.. LOL!!!

These are some stinkin' cute dresses that I paid $2 a peice for for Abbey they were in perfect condition and looked barely worn!

These are my proudest find to date, This are the most wonderful mixing bowls, I already love them! A set of 10 for $10. Nice heavy ceramic. They were a bit more than I wanted to pay but they are totally worth that.

We've found a few other things a peculator to take camping for $1 a high chair for my Mom's house for $2. and a bike for Jake for $15.

This past weekend we even had my cousin's husband Scott ride along with us and Mom has gone a few times :) We enjoy getting out and doing something to start the weekend :) I'll try to continue to share my good finds :)


Jackie said...

I LOVE your mixing bowls! What great deals you've been getting!

Brie said...

The mixing bowls are awesome!

Love the sit n spin:) Definitely vintage!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I love the mixing bowls. I have one really, really big (but heavy) ceramic bowl that is perfect for big projects. I just wish I had another one a little smaller-- but, just as deep.

I miss garage sales... sigh... we just don't have them in Germany and as I unpack my storage shipment- I am finding many things that would be perfect to sell at a garage sale.