Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Knitty Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving Day, Ours was very small and quiet, We enjoyed it very much, Just Me, Jake, Ashley and My Mom & Sister. Mom and I did the cooking.

Here we are, Mom, Sister Kristi, Daughter Ashley, Husband Jake & Me & Baby :o)

Wanted to share my current knitting projects with everyone... My Mission is to complete these before starting a new project, I have a lot of pretty yarns and new needles waiting to be used, A lot of baby projects as you could imagine since I'm only 2 months from my due date :o)

This is one I've been working on for a long time.. Since I found out I was pregnant... It's a blanket for the baby, I loved the pattern and started thinking after I started knitting that I'm having a winter baby this time, So this blanket will definately need a recieving blanket under it until it warms up a bit :o)

The next project is a baby Cardigan Sweater that I also started when I first found out I was pregnant... The knitting has been done for awhile but I was lazy about getting it laid out between two wet towls to dry flat so I can add on the button holes and seam altogether. This was so easy to knit and a freebee pattern from Bernat I found at Hobby Lobby, I think I'll be knitting another one similiar to this, with different yarn and a different color... I'll of course Share a picture after I get it seamed together & finished.

This is finished project & Don't laugh... but this is the first thing I've ever made without a pattern, I just made it from my head... LOL!!! Ashley was very happy...

This is another finished project, I just finished up last night. My very first pair of socks. They were fun to knit and they knitted up so quick! I love instant knitting gratification! LOL!!! I've gotta find some better yarn to knit socks with though... Hobby Lobby & Wal-Mart are my only two local choices and they don't offer a lot, Gotta find a good yarn site online to order from.

Okay, Last knitting project to Share :o) I'm working on a scarf to match my cabled fingerless gloves, The cabling is so addicting!! I Love it!!!

Now last but not least of course... My darling husband stood in like for 6 short hours for the new household toy and his Christmas Present... The new Nintendo Wii video gameplayer, We've been playing it like crazy!! Can't wait to get some different games for it like we have for our Gamecube :o) The WII plays our Gamecube games.. but we're ready for new games to play!

& in the second picture you will see my early Christmas gift and my new best friend that has helped me to join the land of the modern Domesticated woman... a dishwasher!!!!! It's portable/Convertable & for now I have to use it like a portable because the cabinets in this very old house were built by my Grandfather and he built them way to low for any modern gadgets... But it's super easy to hook up and it's my very first dishwasher ever!!! Now I can enjoy cooking even more without the deaded clean-up of it all! LOL!! As silly has it sounds.. this dishwasher is a dream come true for me... I've waited years for this... LOL!!

Okie dokie, That does it for this time, I want to share two new recipes I tried for our Thanksgiving dinner, I'll be posting those later :o)
Hugs, Mandi


Brie said...

I love my portable dishwasher too=)))

You're so talented to be able to knit such detail!!! Wow!

Dawn said...

Looking good hun :) I love what you've knitted!!

Anonymous said...

i love all of your projects, mandi--you are so talented! :) and that's great you got a dishwasher, we never had one until we moved this year and i love it, too! :)

Gipsy said...

Hey Mandi! Great knitting! I'm talent-free in that ;-) No chance I'd ever get a sock done HAHA!! Wouldn't even remember how to start, let alone how to go on from there hehe... Glad you got a dishwasher, i've had one for ages (in my own flat plus now here in ours) and can't imagine being without - here you hardly find a flat without a dishwasher though... cuddos!!