Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cold Weather & Warm Coffee

We awoke this morning to a site we don't see in Oklahoma very often! Sleet mixed with a little bit of snow, It's so odd too considering that it was 70 degrees when we got up to get Ashley ready for school yesterday morning. Crazy Oklahoma weather!! It is a beautiful site & I'd love to see a little more snow covering the ground.. I get tickled at people around here, You'd think it was a blizzard or something.. We never get serious snow or ice around here.. Most people just don't know any better I Guess... So here is a pic from the front door this morning, They are saying we may get more.. So we'll see.

I get a e-newsletter from Kraft and recently when I visited the website there was an offer for free samples of Seattles Best coffee's. I've never tried it before since we can't really buy it around here So I thought I'd sign up for the free sample. I was very happy when i recieved them in the mail today!! It's four almost 2oz samples of each flavors or Cinnabon, Seattles Best Blends,Henry's Blend and Hazelnut Cream! YUMMY!!! Cinnabon will be my brew for the morning... Here's a pic of the samples I got...

So Ashley is out of School today and I'd guess for tomorrow as well. She is driving me crazy to go outside so when Jake get's back from picking up his check and getting a few groceries for us, We'll be outside.. LOL!! Jake is done with nights for now... I missed him so much those few days and now he's so worn down :o( I hate seeing him like that, But it makes me feel good that he loves us all enough to work that hard for us. At least he is off work Hopefully until Monday. I did have a Dr's appointment in the morning, But they called to make sure I wasn't coming because of the roads and asked how I was feeling and it I could still feel the baby moving and everything.

Okay, I'm bored and Jabbering I guess, I'm maybe gonna make some oatmeal cookies later, It's a good day for baking I guess... Okay back to that baby blanket that I'm determined to finish today!!! Argh!

Happy Winter, Mandi


Gipsy said...

glad you got some snow... :-) we are still all green here and it's way too warm for the time of the year, I'm not even wearing my winter jacket yet, nor scarf/gloves... weird!! I hope to update my blog this weekend... Cuddos!!

Anita said...

I enjoyed reading your blog! Lovely handwork you are doing while waiting for your blessed new person!