Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Is Coming...

It's 5 more days until Christmas Day! Woo! Ashley get's to be with her Daddy for Christmas morning this year, But we'll have her that afternoon to give her our gifts and Santa's gifts :o) We'll be doing our Mexican Christmas Dinner with Mom on Saturday Night! I'm looking forward to that :o)

I recieved an adorable Sleeper in the mail this week from my sweet friend Elaine, Thank you so much sweetie!! The sleeper is adorable and I LOVED both cards!! Thank you so much!!!

Ashley's Christmas party at School was Friday... here are some cute things from that. She also brought home a nasty cold, If it get's much worse we'll be in the ER before Christmas.. Poor baby, I hate when their sick!!!

This is an adorable Marshmallow tree her class made...

and a really cute ornament.. hehe!!

My knitting is coming along, I'm working on seaming together the sweater for the baby, I hate seaming!!! it's hard to make it look right, I did finishe Kristi's other glove and got her hat/glove set wrapped and under the tree. I'm working on the hiking scarf with just a little bit to go and I startedd a pair of purple mittins for Ashley out of the leftovers from Kristi's gift.

Coming along even better is my Do It List (aka To do list) Since I'm feeling almost back to my normal self (Aside from the preggo belly & My hip giving out now and then) I was glad to see I felt up to making a Do it List again and actually getting it done. I want to finish everything on the list before the new year... preferebly before Christmas even!! LOL!! There was 24 things on my list yesterday morning and as of 3pm today there are 10 thing left to do! Woohoo!! I got a lot done yesterday and this morning!

Okay I'm outta here before I bore everything to pieces.

Happy Holidays!!!


Theresa said...

Hi! It looks like Christmas fun at your house! I love the little ornament your daughter made with her picture and the hat! :o) I don't like most of the stuff in the Big Girls book either, but it is worth checking out from the library to read the fitting and measuring parts if you ever want to make something fit you right. I'm glad I just got it from the library as the only one I will likely make is the shawl. I didn't see on your blog...when are you due?

Brie said...

Sorry Ashley's sick!! The baby and I were sick through Thanksgiving and it stinks to be sick on a holiday!

Cute ornament and marshmallow tree!!

Dawn said...

The pics were so much fun to see, thank you for sharing them with us :) I hope Ashley feels better soon, and that the germies don't infect anyone else. My goodness you've been busy, sounds like a fun kind of busy though :) Your to-do list is shrinking, that's always a relief...wish mine would do the same, heehee!
Enjoy your holidays sweetie!!!