Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Weekend Is Ending . . .

Well, It' Sunday evening, The weekend is ending, Ashley will be coming home in a couple of hours from the weekend at her Daddy's and we'll be starting to put up the Christmas tree. It should be interesting since we have NO room in this house, Things will have to be rearranged quite a bit to get it up.. We're hoping to have the tree put up when Ashley get's here and then she can help decorate.. but we'll see.

I wanted to share a picture of the most amount of snow we got, Since Oklahoma Never get's snow, This was a lot for us, I know some of you are laughing.. But We're okies... The snow is all gone now..

Here is another of my sweet Ashley getting ready to play in the snow on the second day, She was so excited, She's 5 and this was the first time in her life She's seen this Much snow!!

Jake and I did a little shopping at Wal-Mart last night, Picked up a few small Christmas Gifts for Ashley and a few Random things, We'll be doing our Main shopping for her Next weekend while we're in Texas for "How The Edge Stole Christmas" Concerts. More on that at a later date.

Has anyone tried the Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers?? YUMMY!!!

We also found some very redneck/funny Christmas cards to send to Jake's family in Washington.. Check them out! LOL!!!

I finally (praise God) got a new big skillet to cook in. Both of the big skillet's I had were in horrible shape from age and I've been begging for one forever.

Still going strong on the knitting...I finally finished the babies blanket.. WOOHOO!!!

I did start one new small knitting project on Friday... finished it in a few short hours... A very adorable hat for the baby.. I have Ashley's baby doll modeling it.. It will fit the baby a bit more snug I hope :o) You can kind of see my huge preggo belly in this pic as well.

So now I'm working on finishing up my hiking Scarf and seaming together the baby Cardigan I knitted. Then I can start some new projects!!! Woohoo!!!! hehe!! I'm excitted I have a few lined up already!! Plus I've been buying some new knitting magazines, I really think next I'd like to knit a sweater or something for Ashley or myself to wear.. hehe!!

Okay enough babble! :o)


heather king said...

i love all the pictures! esp the baby blanket, how CUTE is that?! :) gotta get some of the new whoppers too. i haven't seen those before. :)

Dawn said...

Hiya hun, loved seeing all the wonderful work you've been doing with the knitting :) Great job on everything! And wow, you're going to a concert huh? I remember Trish's friend wouldn't even go to the movies with us when pregnant that far along because she was afraid someone would bump into her belly...first baby paranoia ;) LOL! Hope you enjoy the concert hun, been so long since I've been to one because of the dang panic attacks. And I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend!! **HUGS**

Just Shar said...

hmm.. i just sent in a comment and it didn't work? weird!!
I said that i enjoyed seeing pictures with your blog and feeling the "nesting" feel from you, with making baby hat and such :)
Love the redneck card!!!

Kat said...

Wow, your knitted blanket and hat are beautiful!!

I LOVE that postcard! Where did you find it? I have to get some....