Friday, December 15, 2006

Howday & Happy Holidays!!!

Hrmmm... It's been just a few days since I posted last, A lot has happened and we've had a few things going on here and there :-) My Computer was being a Jack-A** for the last week and running funny for the last year, I've been using AVG's free Anti-Virus software for awhile and I finally figured out that It is what has been making my fairly new computer act wacky for the last year or soo.. It really bogged it down and made it run slower, I uninstalled it and it was amazing how fast the computer started loading webpages and programs! AWESOME! So no more free anti-virus for us, I downloaded a free 90 day trial of Norton's and we'll pay when that time is up :o)

Let's see.. Where should I Start.. LOL!! Decemberrrr 3rd was my last post so it's been over a week. This past weekend (Sat.) we had the "How The Edge Stole Christmas" concert. The edge is a radio Station out of Dallas, TX that plays awesome alternative and Heavy Metal music, So they were putting on the concert.. Here is a pic with our Tickets and a list of the bands an times they played. The Concert was awesome!! I was a bit worried at first about the baby though.. LOL!! But we had checked online before hand to make sure it was safe. Disturbed was even more awesome than the first time we saw them! Great Show!

Mom had watched Ashley for us for the weekend, So we left early on Saturday morning so we could get some Christmas shopping in at Lewsiville, TX before heading on down for the concert. We Hit Toys R Us first, Wwe bought Ashley the V-Smile video game played for her big gift, some puzzles, a book on being a big Sister, Some Lego's and we got an awesome deal on the Curious George Movie and Over The Hedge, We got them both for $20!! Ashley loves George and we haven't seen over the hedge yet. While we were down shopping I went in Joann's Fabrics, where I managed to find NOTHING!! I wanted some sock yarn but they didn't have any!! Someone please help me find some sock yarn online, Because I'm having no luck finding any in the stores :o( We hit a Half Price New and Used book store they have in Lewsiville also, Normally I dump the guys off there and I head over somewhere else to look, But this time I decided to go in with them and I'm sure glad I did!!! They had a whole slew of nice Cookbooks and Knitting Books!! I hit the Jackpot! I only bought 2 knitting books since we were saving our money for Christmas shopping but I cannot wait to go back to that store!!!! Here are the two books I found for Great Prices Even!!

On Monday Ashley's class took a field trip to the Museum, Where they had "Santa's House" set up, The kids got a Christmas story read to them by a lady and Imagine my surprise when She turned on this wooden puppet show for them to view, These puppet's used to be in our Daube's Department store window downtown when I was a kid every year, When the Daube family sold the building I always wondered what happened to the puppets, It was one of our few family traditions to go downtown every year and see the puppets, It brought tears to my eyes to see them working again and made me think a lot of my Dad. here is a picture, Just because I want to share..

Next they kids got a story read to them by Santa, Decorated a sugar cookie with Mrs. Clause and ate it and then they got to Decorate a Snowman Christmas ornament :o) Ashley is over to the left on the back row with the white sweater on :o)

On Thursday we got a small package from Jake's Mom which contained our yearly Christmas ornaments and a few other things.. One of which was the most beautifully Croched Baby blanket I have ever seen!! It was Crochet by Jake's Mom's friend Barb for us, Even though I'm a knitter who doesn't care for Crocheting This blanket is one of the prettiest hand made blankets I've ever seen..
My knitting is going good. I'm still working on my cabled hiking scarf which I'd like to finish soon and start on the matching hat. I still haven't finished the baby Sweater/Cardigan, I just need to seam it together still and add the buttons. I did put these things on hold because I decided to knit my sweet Sister a hat and some mittens in her favorite color, I think she's going to love them!!!

Well, I guess that about covers it for me, We have a Dr's appointment today, Just a regular check up, I think they'll do some labs today, I always just tell them to stick it in my hand and get it over with, They never can find a vein anyway. I've been feeling a little better, But my back hurts a lot and my hips, I can't raise my legs and getting up a down is a challenge. I'm pretty sure my body is getting to old for this.. LOL!!

Okay that's enough for now, Everyone have an awesome week!!!!


Dawn said...

Hiya hun :) Glad you figured out what was messing with your pc, and that you enjoyed the concert so much! I like Disturbed too ;) Great pics too!! Oh that puppet story made me all misty, how sweet...and I love the baby blanket your mom-in-law made! My mom crochets, I think my dad's mom used to do both. I used to know how to crochet but it's been like 15 or 20 years, LOL, so you know I don't remember ;)
Sorry you're having a hard time getting around, but soon you'll have that sweet little baby to hold and snuggle :)

talindamood said...

Google, is being weird, so hopefully you will not get this comment twice! Thanks for visiting my blog. I had fun looking around yours this morning. Your Fetching look great and I like the Irish Hiking Scarf you made to go with them.

Brie said...

Oh man I just typed a huge comment and it's gone...argh!

Okay short version LOL has cute sock yarn The homemade blanket is so pretty!!!

Can I add you to my friend's list?

If you want to order Tupperware I'm placing a big order tomorrow and I'll pay to ship it to you=)