Saturday, June 02, 2007

2 Peas Challenge: Roomover

*NOTE* This is So NOT my Grandmothers Kitchen.. This is the one I want! LOL!!

If you could redo any room in your home (money being no problem). What room would it be? Share with us what you would do to this room.

Honestly we are currenty living in my Grandmother's old house and really the whole darn house needs to be renovated, But if I had to pick one room in the house to redo I'd definately pick the kitchen, It's the room I spend the most time in, I hate that it's so secluded (knock a wall out) I hate the short counters, despite the fact that my Grandfather built them and everything is very 1950's and OLD so it never looks clean no matter how much you scrub it.. Not to mention is SMALL!! It' does however have a HUGE pantry which I wouldn't want to change :o)

So that's it!! Fellow Bloggers: What room would you redo???


Benita said...

I take it that that's NOT a photo of your Grandmother's kitchen ;) I would LOVE to have a kitchen like that one in the photo!

Just Shar said...

I LOVEEEEE my kitchen right now.. i have everything i want, but it's a rental, so it's not MINE.. but close enough.. my pantry is my favorite part :).. and i will request an island in any other house i live in! hee

Tammy said...

I think I'd probably only try to add some cabinets up top, and have them flow more naturally with the room. Other than that, I'd leave everything else alone especially the bar. That's very cool. Now whose kitchen is this? :)

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