Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blogging on Saturday??

Unusual for me I think... Saturday mornings there is always so many people in the house since everyone is home.. LOL!! I prefer to blog in quiet usually and without someone staring over my shoulder... *cleans throat - Jake - clears throat* he's not being nosey of course.. Just usually giving me some lovin' but for some reason I always feel silly styping my blogs up with him reading along.. LOL!! Anyway, I wanted to blog today because I had a few pics to share and I also haven't updated my recipe blog in a month and I have a couple of recipes to add to that..

First up, we have my beginning of June MonthlyDishcloths Knit-Along It turned out to be a Unicorn! Now I have to say it was fun knitting and not knowing what you were going to end up with, But I've just about decided that I'm not crazy about these picture type cloths.. I like the lace knitted ones and the yo picture shaped cloths... that brings me to the second cloth you'll see below here.. The beautiful Butterfly Papillon Cloth this is my favorite one so far... I will be knitting more of these! Lot's. More.

I started a new dishcloth yesterday, It's looking very pretty so far.. and I finished Abbey's second Halter top, I just need to get a picture of her modeling it and then I can post it! :o) I've joined a few different knitting groups over the last couple of weeks, I joined SockKnitters & Their KALGroup which I cannot participate in until I order me some Sock yarn.. that requires extra money which I don't have right now, with trying to save for Vacation and Jake's birthday and Fathers Day being next weekend! LOL!! WHAM!!! I also joined BabySweaters It will be good to get new ideas for stuff to knit!

Jake is headed to Witchita Falls, TX tomorrow with our friend Michael to see Weird Al in concert! He's very excited about it.. I just hope Michael doesn't back out on him... He's been working a lot lately and not around much. We miss him!!

Okay guess that's it for this blog.. I need to get over to my recipe blog and posted new recipes there.. Everyone have a great weekend!!! I'll spending mine working on Shawn's annual fathers day scrapbook of pictures of Ashley and cards for Jake's birthday and fathers day... oh and of course a little knitting... LOL!!!


Just Shar said...

awwww!!! i love baby legs!!!

soknitpicky said...

What a cute baby! And you're right, that is a good-looking dishcloth!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Nice to see your dishcloths. I too have recently joined the Dishcloth KAL, then realised that my printer is not hooked up to the computer I'm using at the moment. I agree that the picture cloths aren't as nice, so I won't be making any, at least til I can print out the long patterns. I have made 2 dishcloths - one from a pattern on another blog, and one I made up, both visible on my blog.