Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tired Tuesday..

I'm so groggy today, I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to get a little knitting time in and I'm exhausted today, My regular Two cups of coffee isn't doing anything for me, Ashley's at School, She started the summer school program yesterday and Abbey is still snoozing in her crib. She'll be up soon though...

When I breath in I get a wheezing sound and I've been coughing up a storm, So I know I'm about to come down with something.. We're never all well in the house at one time, Someone is always sick.. LOL!!

Life has been pretty mundane around here since I last posted. The only exciting thing that happened was with Jake's job. Jake works for Circuit City Distribution Warehouse he's been there for close to 13 years and has worked all over the warehouse the Department he's been working in for the last couple of years was called Trading Circuit, Where basically they resold things that had been returned back to the warehouse in their "Store" on Ebay. These were items returned and tested with nothing wrong or items that the store just couldn't sell. Jake would test the items, take the pictures and list them in the store online. So on Thursday they pulled his entire department into the break room and told them they would be closing down Trading Circuit. They were however going to let everyone keep a job and be moved to another department in the warehouse, managers choice, So thank goodness they didn't all just lose their jobs! No notice or anything either! Jake told me that almost all Trading Circuit employees in other Warehouse had been fired. That was a little too close for comfort for me, Especially since Jake is our only real source of income.

So on Saturday night everyone from his old department held a "wake" for Trading circuit and the leads house. There was burgers, beer a bon fire and everyone signed a trading circuit T-Shirt and they burned it.. LOL!! It was interesting. Jake and I are getting old I guess, We had a few beers (none for me, The DD) and when everyone started acting stupid drunk we came home.. LOL!!

Ashley has lost her very first tooth!!! It was crazy! She told us it was loose last Wednesday and then she pulled it out at her Dad's house this past weekend! LOL!! She left it in her Tooth Fairy pillow her Grandma Jo made for her last night and was disappointed this morning when there was only $1 left for her tooth.. for some reason she though she should have gotten $4 for her tooth.. I felt guilty even though I probably shouldn't have.. How much do you give your child for their teeth? I've never felt as much guilt as I feel raising children... I wish I didn't though. Worry worry worry...

I ended up buying all of Blake's song from American idol and I made me a disk, I LOVE it! I just love his voice! I cannot wait to hear what his first album is like!

Abbey is doing so much now, She rolls all over and is trying like crazy to get her knees up under her. She'll be crawling in no time at all!! She is teething, so she chews on her fist and anything she can figure out how to get into her mouth :o) It's sad really how quickly babies grow..

This weekend Jake has his Weird Al concert.. LOL!! He is going with our friend Mike, It's Sunday in Wichita Falls Texas. He's very excited about it.. I'm very excited that someone else is going with him & not me... Weird Al seriously gets on my nerves.. LOL!!

On my knitting needles are two dishcloths, one is a beautiful butterfly pattern I found, the other is the knit along on MonthlyDishcloths group. I also have another Halter for Abbey, a scarf for Ashley which I've been working on forever, still the afghan for the couch.. my goal is to get it at least done by winter! LOL!! A dishtowl I may end up frogging.. and that's about it.. I think.. LOL!!!

Until next time my friends....


Maria1975 said...

I checked out your blog after seeing you posted a question on the Monthly Dishcloth KAL, I just wanted to let you know that I love the hat you have over in your scrolling slide show. Where did you get the pattern?

PS You have adorable kids! Hope you have a good day.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're coming down with something, hope it's not too bad. I've had a fever off and on for almost a week now, and stomach issues. Sigh. That's really cute that Ashley lost her first tooth :) And your knitting is coming along great as always!!

Brie said...

That's great Jake will still have a job! How scary!

The tooth fairy leaves a buck here too.

Just Shar said...

okay i thought i just sent a comment? where'd it go? LOL

DawnK said...

Awww, that's cute, that your daughter lost her first tooth! She wanted $4, huh? I think when I was a kid, we only got a quarter. I think I gave our kids a dollar, though.

Your unicorn cloth turned out well. I think I like the lacy ones better, too.

And in response to your other thread. I hate when my hubby stands behind me and reads what I'm typing, too!