Tuesday, June 19, 2007

After The Weekend Fun!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a wonderful weekend, The picture you see above is of our living room Saturday night.. way to small for big Birthday parties for sure.. LOL!! So Saturday was my wonderful husbands 30th Birthday. He had invited some friends from Work (Monica, Tim, Greg, David, Zack & Pam) & My Cousin Angie and her Husband Scott, we had a ball, I grilled burgers, my darn propane ran out halfway thru cooking so Zack came to the rescue with his Propane tank, Thank Goodness! And I had made Jake a huge Oatmeal Cookie for a cake and some choc. chip cookies on the side for Raisin haters like myself. We all sat around chatting, sharing stories and we even managed to squeeze in some time playing the WII! Everyone said they had a wonderful time and we did too, I was glad everyone showed up! Everyone was there by 6pm and everyone left around midnight, too fun! It was a great weekend!

We started feeding Abbey some solids a few days ago. It was time. She didn't have any qualms about eating that cereal from that spoon, she was just smiling and sucking it off the spoon! It was so cute!! She LOVES this stuff. Now they make it in flavors, like banana and apple, I wish they would have done that when Ashley was small, Maybe she would have eaten it! Here is a photo of her munching down..

Abbey is 20 weeks as of yesterday...

I'm definately on a dishcloth making kick, I'm trying to get enough of them made up so that I can stop using the store bought ones. Mom is still asking when she will get one.. LOL!! Here is my latest... It's the dayflower design, the pattern can be found here.

Not much else going on this week. We're trying to keep every extra dime that we can for vacation next month. I wish we could have saved more Money to go on, But we didn't start saving early on enough. We'll have fun though, and Jake's family will finally get to see Abbey :o)

if you are a Scrapbooker/cardmaler a very good friend of mine is holding a weekly contest of sorts on her blog. She has a card sketch there and you can read about it, I hope you'll check it out.. Check out Susan's Blog

Okay I'm off, Ashley has a friend over playing today, They are driving me bonks.. LOL!!


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Just Shar said...

lol playing Wii!! i want that!!!!!!!!!!!! keep trying to get Justin to use his own money! lol..
love seeing pics!