Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do You Love Christmas Music?

We love Christmas music and I came across this blog today reading another blog.. They have several free ablums available for you to download of Christmas Music... Check it out!

So I haven't posted anything in awhile. That's bad of me. Jake has been working from about 7pm to 8am and sleeping until about 5pm everyday. It's been hard, definately a change for me. not having him here to help me manage two girls. It isn't killing me by any means, It's hard to adjust too. It means a little less time for other types of things.

I do have a new addiction.. I think I may have mentioned it in a post before, It's Second Life... You can check it out on their website. It's a lot like the SIMS if you've ever played that but so much better because your interacting with real people. It is it's own little world.. You create you a person & You can rent places to live or even build places to live, Shop for Clothes and furniture and there's all kinds of places to hang out and dance and socialize.. and lots of event's that happen that you can attend. It's so much fun, I love it and would love to have more friends on there to socialize with, So if you think you might be interested in playing please email me and I'll send you and invite, I get credits if you go thru me :) missmandigirl @

I haven't done any Christmas shhopping. NONE, That's bad... but Jake will get his first big check this week and I'll be on my way. Two girls to buy for this year :)

I have my scrapbook retreat in 2 weeks, I'm looking forward to that for sure. I haven't done any Scrapbooking since the last retreat!! Oh my.
Not a lot of knitting going on. Since most of my knitting happens while Jake and I watch TV together. I have worked on a KAL a few times. But not much else.
That's about it for now I guess.. Till next time!


Melanie said...

Hang in there girlfriend...I know you can do it. I've only bought a couple of Christmas gifts for the kids so far...need to get my butt in gear.
I just noticed when I looked at the photo of Abbey sleeping just how much she looks like you. I will have to dub her Little Ms. Abbey Girl. lol

Brie said...

Oh I gotta go check out that blog!
I was happy to see a post from you=))
This year I'm doing good on Christmas shopping. Only the little gifts here and there left and one difficult mom! I am threatening to get her a juicer(totally not her thing lol) if she doesn't give me good ideas soon.

Jill said...

Love the photo! I cam across the from a link on Lime And Violet's Daily Chum. It's great seeing the old album -- some my parents still have! Too funny....Have fun shoppin'