Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Time!

Whew! Sugar day has come and gone! haha! Here were the event's of our day...

Ashley's school Carnival was from 9am to 11am. Abbey & I escorted Ashley along with Jenna from her class around to the different games. It was so cute seeing all of the little kids in their costumes, Before they let them play the games everyone "paraded" around for everyone to see their costumes. Too cute!

When Ashley got out of School we joined the Masses downtown for the annual Trick or Treat. it was crowded and exhausting as always. I think Next year we may try door to door for the first time and just find a good neighborhood and check all the candy, Ashley seemed a bit bored with downtown this year. We didn't even get all the way around and she was ready to go. Next year Abbey will be old enough to go and she'll have fun doing it along with someone. Here are some photo's from downtown...

Our Pirate & Hello Kitty Butterfly

Here is what I was up to in between everything on Halloween, I'd had Celebrity Detox by Rosie on hold at the library and they called to let me know it was in... I've always been a big fan of Rosie O' I'm also reading Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot which is awesome, She is just too funny! and of course OTN was a pair of mittens for Ashley from some leftover yarn bee baby yarn :o)

We also got Abbey a Johny Jump-Up which she loved right away. I guess that's all for this time. We're headed to Fort Worth tomorrow with our friends Mike and Misty for another Volkswagen car show, Mom's coming along with us this time. Should be fun!! Have a great weekend!


Melanie said...

Looks like you had you're tired now. I know I am. We avoided the whole downtown thing...way too crowded. The girls both look so cute.

Dawn said...

Hiya hun, sounds like everything's going really well your way :) I can't wait to chat and catch up with you soon!!

Brie said...

Adorable girlies you have! Awwww=)

Wow downtown really looks crowded! We do the door to door thing and this year it was about empty out there!