Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday's Words..

Hello Blog & Bloggers :o)

Everthing is going good. Nothing very exciting going on, which is always good. Means more time for the blog & knitting of course.. Today I'm thinking of dragging my scrapbook stuff out and working on some more of Abbey's pages that I didn't finish at the last retreat. I'm going to another retreat in December, I'm so excited about that!!

I got my hair cut and highlighted the other day. I'm on a mission. You know how when your a SAHM some tend to kind of stop dressing up & fixing your hair and putting on make-up, Well okay maybe it was just me. I know I feel better if my hair is fixed & etc. So I'm on a mission to do that for myself every morning. So far so good. I know that letting myself go is not a good thing for me. It's so easy to stop caring for yourself when you have others to care for. But I need to do this for me.. Plus Jake likes it when I do.. and that is another plus...

Ashley got her hair cut as well, about 5 inches off. Guess what, No more throwing fits in the morning when she brushes her hair! Things have been so much better in the mornings now! Woohoo!!!

Jake has started to work the crazy "Peak" hours at CC Distribution. Which means a lot of hours and little time at home. This weekend will most likely be his last weekend off until after the holidays. Ashley will be with her Daddy this weekend and we've already asked Mom if she would mind watching Abbey for us while we go on a date. The busy season is always hard for me and Jake because we don't get a lot of alone time with each other and we both need that. Not sure exactly what we'll do on that Date yet.

I've been knitting on odds and ends stuff. I did finish a ballband hanging hand towel. Part of a set that I'm working on for a special friend of mine. I created this one by just working the ballband pattern until it was as long as I liked and then I decreased at each band. worked 4 rows and decreased over and over until the hanging handle was as wide as I wanted it to be and worked seed stitch with one YO for the button hole.

I finished this kings cozy. I don't like that it doesn't have a bottom and the bottle can slip right out of it when your holding it. I love the design though and need to come up with some way to add a strip across the bottom.

The weather here has been absolutely insane. But that is Oklahoma for you. Last night it got so hot we had to turn the AC on in the bedroom, IN NOVEMBER. Today it's getting cold and I need to find a pair of socks to put on. I don't think we're going to have a winter at all & Global warming is a scary thing...

Okay not much else going on, I have a new recipe to post on my recipe blog, So I need to get to that. I've not bee trying a lot of new recipes lately. I've been cooking cheap and easy things. Hopefully I'll pick back up on the new recipes soon.

Have a great week!!!


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Melanie said...

I love that bottle cozy..nice and the ballband favorite colors.
Ashley's hair looks so cute..I noticed you had done something different to your "do" too. Looks good..I need to do something to mine. I have that SAHM syndrome are NOT alone. lol
I hope you and Jake have a wonderful, romantic date. You both deserve it.
I hope this message doesn't repeat 100 times...blogger is acting up today.