Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Ramblings...

Where to begin, This morning was a doozy. Ashley (my 6 yr old) is NOT a morning person. So just getting her out of bed is quiet a chore, Then I have to try to get her to dress herself, make her bed and worst of all.... Brush her hair.. She has long hair, She loves her long hair, But in the mornings she does not want to brush the tangles out, Instead... She wants to have a fit and scream about it for an hour and tell me that she wants me to brush it... This morning was no different.. except this morning she took longer and was late for school which caused her to miss getting breakfast. When we pull up to the school she wouldn't get out. So I took her in.. then she wouldn't go into her classroom. I did explain to Mrs. Allen about the mornings events. and she did help me to get Ashley into class. She told Ashley that at home we have choices just like at school and that her choices have consequences just like at school... Ashley seemed to understand.. and calmed down and went to her class. I tell her that also, but it never works that well for me... Raising children is so hard.. I've been doing a lot of praying lately . . .
With that out of the way...

The Volkswagen show was this weekend in Fort Worth, We went with our frines Michael and Misty and My Mom got to tag along with is this time. We got to see a few different cars than the ones we saw in the Eurika Springs show, But there weren't as many. So it was a small show.. but here is my fave...

And Jake's fave...

We had a great time!! While we were down we stopped at Central Market & World Market and Picked up some various flavors of beer, We love that we can make our own Six packs at these places and Jake loves trying new beers.

I also visited a yarn store, There are three there in Fort Worth, They are so lucky, I'd love to have JUST one! I did buy me a skein of sock yarn... I'm working on a pair of basic ribbed socks with the jojoland melody yarn and I'm not too fond of the way the yarn feels for a sock.. So I bougt some On line sock yarn, superwash wool... I'll see if I like they way it knits up better. Speaking of knitting, I Have a knit in to go to at the Library, I'm looking forward to it! I wish we could get more people to come!

I did get something finished this week, I knitted Ashley a pair of mittens from some leftover yarn I HAd... Yarn bee brand.

I also got a happy piece of mail yesterday... knit picks catalog, Yummy!!! I need a knitting mag subscription... LOL!!

I took the girls to the park yesterday it was so pretty and warm out. Abbey got to swing ont he swings and slide with Mommie's help for the first time. We had a lot of fun.

Well, I better get out of here I guess.

till' next time! (Hugs)


Melanie said...

My youngest daughter was the same way about her hair so I had it cut off. I really hated to do it but I just don't have time to argue with her in the mornings.
I love those mittens...been wanting to do a pair myself. I've never made any before so I'm looking for a real simple pattern. Which pattern did you use...is it a hard one?
Oh, I love Knitpicks. I want a catalog! Will have to check into that. I argee, I need a magazine subscription too. I do have one to Creative Knitting but it just doesn't come often enough. Maybe I will get a new one for Christmas. lol

Brie said...

I'm sorry Ashley is so grumpy in the mornings=( Parenting really should come with a handbook...I know I would love one!

Cute mittens=)

You've gotta come teach me to knit. I watched a show on diy but it wasn't for newbies and I was a confused mama LOL

Melanie said...

Omg, girlfriend! I was so shocked to see my pattern there! Having one of my patterns featured had never even crossed my mind. I was squealing like a girl...LOL. Thanks for doing the happy dance with me! :)

Melanie said...

You have been tagged, girlfriend!
Check my blog for the details.