Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just A Ramble In Time...

Honestly, I have nothing exciting really to post about! LOL!! I just felt that I should blog since it had been a few days. Abbey is keeping me on my toes these days, For while there she hadn't figured out how to get her walker over the living room carpet to other rooms, So we could "trap"'' her in there while I cooked and things, Well now she's figured out how to get over those humps of Carpet and She's into everything! LOL!! However one evening while I was cooking dinner and trying to keep Abbey out of the kitchen Ashley came up with this very cute and clever idea :o)

Friday was Oklahoma's 100th Birthday. Ashley's school was celebrating and they asked that the children be dressed and Pioneer children did 100 years ago. So this was Ashley's dress up. I know it was a bit before Strawberry Shortcakes time but Jake's Grandmother made Ashley this adorable Apron and I couldn't resist letting her wear it :)

Jake has begun his night shift at work. Only for the holidays. it's hard keeping quiet around here during the day when this is the time I normally clean. I had also gotten spoiled to having Jake here to help me get the girls ready for bed and for now it's all on me since he leaves for work at 7pm.

We finally seem to have gathered enough ladies to meet to knit to actually call ourselves a group! LOL!! We had our 3rd meeting last night at the Library, Sabrina, Myself, Misty and Amanda were all there, Four of us, The biggest meeting so far, We do have a few other ladies interested so maybe they will make it to the next one.We had a ball last night, it was fun knitting and talking about her kids and husbands & life in general. Now I understand why knitters love their knitting groups so much! I can hardly wait for our next meeting.

Thanksgiving is here, Thursday, It snuck up on me this year! But we have mostly everything bought that we'll need. I need some cream cheese for a Cake I'm making but otherwise I think we're all set! It will just be our small family get together. Mom, Kristi, Me, Jake, Ashley & Abbey. I'm thinking next year My Mom's side of the family needs to get their business together and have one big Thanksgiving. it's been awhile since we had one.

I have a new addiction I'm afraid. It's even more awesome than The SIMS!!! I've been hooked on playing Second Life!! I love it so much, it's awesome. It also makes me realize how badly we need more ram for this computer. But I've been having a lot of fun on their messing around. It's a awhile other world on there!!

That's about all I guess. I do still have some recipes I Need to post over on my recipe blog. So I guess I'll tend to a few of those now :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


Melanie said...

Omg...the shoes are just too funny.
Ashley is one smart little girl and she looks so cute in her outfit.
What is this new addiction...I gotta check this Second Life thing out.
Hope you have a wonderful, awesome Thanksgiving!
Love ya!

Brie said...

LOL Too funny of Ashley!!
Cooking dinner has really become a challenge here too and Justin can reach the stovetop!!
Her apron is so adorable=))