Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Birthday! :)

I'm so behind with Blogs, I have a lot of photo's so I'm just going to start with my Birthday which was way back on May 16th :) I turned 33, I do feel older than I did last year.. Mom warned after 30 it all goes downhill but I refuse to believe that.. well at least not completely.. LOL!!

My birthday was great! Celebrated a few days late though :) Of course my gift from Jake and the girls was my sewing machine which I have been getting a little use of, but later on that. My gift from Mom/Jake was running a bit late so we waited to celebrate until it arrived,
I had no idea what it was . . .
and boy was I surprised and SOOOOO happy with it :)

Mom/Jake pitched in a bought me a pair of PINK shaded Leppard Print Birkies!!!!!
OMG!! Im in LOVE with them... My 3 favorite things all in one!! I love these so much, Mom said she bought them because she knew I loved them but they were something I'd never buy for myself. She was right, when I buy birks I always buy colors I can wear with anything... but as it turns out these shoes actually go with a lot of my tops!! Awesome! I love them :)

I got my Traditional Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Icing with Chocolate Ice Cream :) & Flowers from my sweet Sister :)

So it was a great 33 birthday :)

I also treated myself to a fold away table for my sewing/crafting :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Late Birthday!

The birkies are adorable!

JackieCastsOn Ravelry

teabird said...

those are seriously cute birkies, indeed!

Dawn said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day, and you truly deserve it :) Now you know you need to let me know where in SL you'd like a giftie card from, hehe, I meant to ask you the other day but forgot...I am SO scatterbrained lately! I could just take ya on a wild shopping spree next time we're there together, heehee! :) ~HUGS~ Love ya honey!

Jill L said...

Happy Belated Birthdya (mine was the 15th!). Love the birks!

Lil Knitter said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday!

Chocolate cake, flowers, cute Birkies AND a sewing machine....what an awesome B'day!

And I totally love that shirt you're wearing.


Brie said...

It looks like a wonderful celebration:))) Cute shoes!!
The cake looks so yummy!

Misty said...

Happy VERY Be-Lated Birthday girl! It looks like you had a nice Birthday! :) I'm sorry I'm so late - I'm behind on my blog reading again. Love ya! :)