Friday, May 09, 2008

Time Coming & Going...

It's late, I'm tired, I've had a rough week and so I'm going to start this blog tonight and may finish it tonight or another day. It's a rambling type bloggie I think.

We got a call on wednesday that our Van was a total, The adjuster said the exterior damage and the damage to the transmission alone were enough to total it plus the Motor apparently had other major damage. Have I mentioned how sick I still feel about it? Still. Then we got a call today with the quote for what they are giving us for our van. It's just a little over enough to pay it off we think. I'm grateful if it is enough to pay it off. It will be next week or later before the paper work is all taken care of and debt is taken care of. Then after all of that we'll start down the road to finding another family vehicle. Truly, I'd rather just be driving away in my Green Van :( Going from 2 cars to one has been a hard adjustment... I feel sick.

Onto other news, it's been a rough week, seems like one thing after another. Ashley's Teacher has told me that Ashley is not ready for first grade because she is still struggling with learning to read. Ashley is 6 years old in Kindergarten, Holding her back is going to make her that much older than her classmates for the next 13 years or so. Somehow I feel if I'd known she was THAT far behind where she needed to be we could have helped, but I was unaware, I was not told. So now, we're working with her everyday on sounding out words and sight words. We're looking at Summer school and something called T-1 next year instead of regular first grade.. then the year after that it will be first grade... Ashley will be 7 when she starts the 1st grade and turn 8 1 month after. I feel sick about this too.

Jake and I have been stressed and worried about all of this. It's been hard.. an uneeded stress for sure.

To keep myself busy I've been surfing a lot of crating blogs to see what people are doing these days. I love crafts. I Love handmade gifts and things. It makes me happy when someone takes the time to sit and enjoy making something for me in the fast paced world that we live in now. I think Crafts can bring us closer to the really important things, Like Family, Friends and our Homes. So far in my life the only crafting I've done are some wreaths, I did plastic canvas years ago. Scrapbooking & Knitting is of course something I'm very passionate about and I've been taking these crochet lesson's to learn out to crochet in the last week. Now quilting is something I've always been very interested in but I've never tried it before. But now I have a reason to try my hand at quilting. I have all of the flannel and cotton baby blankets left over from when Ashley was a baby and Abbey so I'd like to take those, and make the girls a quilt a piece :) For mothers day and my birthday I've asked for a sewing machine, nothing to fancy since I'm just a beginner it's a Singer Simple. I'm excited to get it and learn it inside and out. I've helped my Mom a little bit with sewing projects of hers, so I'm not a complete sewing dummy but there is a lot more to learn especially if I'm going to be starting on a quilt :)

In knitting news, I haven't finished a project lately. No surprise since most of the projects I have going are big projects that take longer.

I've been cooking some new things, very few things worth posting to the recipe blog though.

Okay maybe that's it... hrm... boring blogg eh??


Melissa P said...

That's a bummer about your van. I'm so sorry =( I hope you'll get enough to pay it off so that's one less thing to worry about.
Wow Ashley's teacher sure did wait till the last minute to tell you about the reading. ugh. Y'know Jillian couldn't really read well until she was in first grade (this year) and from volunteering in her classroom, let me assure you there are plenty of kids in her class who still can't read well!!
But on the other hand, count your blessings the school actually wants to take the time to help her (with summer school and the t-1 thing) instead of just pushing her through year after year and letting her get even further behind. That's a real problem out here with these crappy schools. Kids fall through the cracks.
I'll keep you in my thoughts hun! =)

Lil Knitter said...

Aww...sweetie...I'm so sorry about your week. If it helps any, I've had a pretty sucky one myself...2 weeks of it actually.
That teacher should have let you know what was going on a lOOOONg time ago. I get so frustrated with teachers like that. Try not to stress too much. She's a smart girl and with you working with her...she'll catch up in no time.
You know I'll be thinking of you and praying for you and I'm here if you need me.


Brie said...

Oh man what a rough week!!! I'm so sorry:(