Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation & Summer School/Bus

Last Friday Ashley had her Kindergarten Graduation. They sung some very cute songs and the Teachers gave a special award to each child, Ashley got the Best Friend award, For being friendly to everyone, especially those who didn't have anyone to play with :) I'm very proud of her for that... So here are a few photo's from her Graduation ceremony . . .

The proud Sister, Nanna & Step-Dad . .

Two Kindergarten Classes Ashley is on the right end middle row . . .

Ashley loves to sing . . .

Getting her Best Friend Award . .

One last picture with her Teacher Mrs. Allen . . .

Yesterday Ashley started Summer School, it's being held at a different school than where she went to Kindergarten, It's a nice new building though it's called Charles Evans. Yesterday I drove her to school and had plans of taking her everyday, But it seems everyone else is riding the bus and with Gas being $3 a gallon and Ashley begging me to ride I decided to walk her around the corner to the bus stop this morning. I think I'm way to overprotective because I bawled while she was getting on the bus :o( I just pray that she is safe for everyone bus ride. I told her if she didn't like riding the bus I would still take her to school. But she said she though she would like it. So we'll see. If it works out for us it could save us a months worth of gas driving back and forth everyday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Birthday! :)

I'm so behind with Blogs, I have a lot of photo's so I'm just going to start with my Birthday which was way back on May 16th :) I turned 33, I do feel older than I did last year.. Mom warned after 30 it all goes downhill but I refuse to believe that.. well at least not completely.. LOL!!

My birthday was great! Celebrated a few days late though :) Of course my gift from Jake and the girls was my sewing machine which I have been getting a little use of, but later on that. My gift from Mom/Jake was running a bit late so we waited to celebrate until it arrived,
I had no idea what it was . . .
and boy was I surprised and SOOOOO happy with it :)

Mom/Jake pitched in a bought me a pair of PINK shaded Leppard Print Birkies!!!!!
OMG!! Im in LOVE with them... My 3 favorite things all in one!! I love these so much, Mom said she bought them because she knew I loved them but they were something I'd never buy for myself. She was right, when I buy birks I always buy colors I can wear with anything... but as it turns out these shoes actually go with a lot of my tops!! Awesome! I love them :)

I got my Traditional Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Icing with Chocolate Ice Cream :) & Flowers from my sweet Sister :)

So it was a great 33 birthday :)

I also treated myself to a fold away table for my sewing/crafting :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers Day Stuff . .

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Mother's Day as I did. We had a great day. My gift for Mother's Day/My Birthday is a sewing Machine, This is MY first new Sewing Machine, I've used my Mom's at her house and I have a very OOOLD singer sewing Machine that belonged to my Grandma Tipton that I've tried sewing on a few times and I can't get the settings to work right. I just asked for the Singer Simple, I'm not a fancy sewer afterall, I'm still learning :)

Jake took me and my Mom out to dinner at El Chico and we had margarita's :) We had a great time. Here is a picture of the goodies I got from Mothers Day, From Ashley and her Daddy and Jake and the girls :) I was spoiled I feel :)

Not too much exciting stuff has been happening really, I feel like I'm running all over the place. It's hard only having one car after being used to having 2. I'm of course grateful to have the one car, If not I don't know what we would do. We turned in the paperwork on the van and we're waiting for the insurace to pay them off before we start looking for a replacement.

Wel, I guess that's about it for now. Until next time!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Time Coming & Going...

It's late, I'm tired, I've had a rough week and so I'm going to start this blog tonight and may finish it tonight or another day. It's a rambling type bloggie I think.

We got a call on wednesday that our Van was a total, The adjuster said the exterior damage and the damage to the transmission alone were enough to total it plus the Motor apparently had other major damage. Have I mentioned how sick I still feel about it? Still. Then we got a call today with the quote for what they are giving us for our van. It's just a little over enough to pay it off we think. I'm grateful if it is enough to pay it off. It will be next week or later before the paper work is all taken care of and debt is taken care of. Then after all of that we'll start down the road to finding another family vehicle. Truly, I'd rather just be driving away in my Green Van :( Going from 2 cars to one has been a hard adjustment... I feel sick.

Onto other news, it's been a rough week, seems like one thing after another. Ashley's Teacher has told me that Ashley is not ready for first grade because she is still struggling with learning to read. Ashley is 6 years old in Kindergarten, Holding her back is going to make her that much older than her classmates for the next 13 years or so. Somehow I feel if I'd known she was THAT far behind where she needed to be we could have helped, but I was unaware, I was not told. So now, we're working with her everyday on sounding out words and sight words. We're looking at Summer school and something called T-1 next year instead of regular first grade.. then the year after that it will be first grade... Ashley will be 7 when she starts the 1st grade and turn 8 1 month after. I feel sick about this too.

Jake and I have been stressed and worried about all of this. It's been hard.. an uneeded stress for sure.

To keep myself busy I've been surfing a lot of crating blogs to see what people are doing these days. I love crafts. I Love handmade gifts and things. It makes me happy when someone takes the time to sit and enjoy making something for me in the fast paced world that we live in now. I think Crafts can bring us closer to the really important things, Like Family, Friends and our Homes. So far in my life the only crafting I've done are some wreaths, I did plastic canvas years ago. Scrapbooking & Knitting is of course something I'm very passionate about and I've been taking these crochet lesson's to learn out to crochet in the last week. Now quilting is something I've always been very interested in but I've never tried it before. But now I have a reason to try my hand at quilting. I have all of the flannel and cotton baby blankets left over from when Ashley was a baby and Abbey so I'd like to take those, and make the girls a quilt a piece :) For mothers day and my birthday I've asked for a sewing machine, nothing to fancy since I'm just a beginner it's a Singer Simple. I'm excited to get it and learn it inside and out. I've helped my Mom a little bit with sewing projects of hers, so I'm not a complete sewing dummy but there is a lot more to learn especially if I'm going to be starting on a quilt :)

In knitting news, I haven't finished a project lately. No surprise since most of the projects I have going are big projects that take longer.

I've been cooking some new things, very few things worth posting to the recipe blog though.

Okay maybe that's it... hrm... boring blogg eh??

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Really Bad Week...

It was a wreck and I mean that literally.....

I'm pretty sick about it... It was pretty much my fault.. A nice guy stopped in heavy traffic to let me out of a parking lot onto a busy road.. the cars were bumper to bumper, I couldn't see anything I pulled out and someone coming along in the lane next to him hit me. Jake & Abbey were with me, No one was hurt. The only injuries were a few bruises across my chest from the seatbelt and a sore head the next day...

Nothing for sure yet about if it's repairable or totaled. and so we wait....

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sunday Ardmoreite!

Our knitting group here in Ardmore made it in the paper!! Woohoo!! Front pages of the Lifestyles section and continued story for the second page even!!! I'm so excited I hope this brings for people to join our meetings.. :) BTW I'm the girlie in the light pink top :)
If you'd like to read the article here is the link for it...