Friday, June 13, 2008

Bathroom Duty

Depending on how well you know me, You may or may not know, That 2 years ago my Grandmother was put into a nursing care facility. Her Dr. Recommended the move and felt

Grandma needed the assistance and socialization as well.

So after her move to the Nursing Care her Home became vacant. We were all worried that leaving the house sitting empty wouldn't be in our best interest. We worried about Vandalism and things of that nature. The house is old... 1940's old and very small, 2 bedroom, one bath and it might be 900 square feet. LOL!! We made the decision to move into the house, We did quiet a bit of improvement to the inside before we even moved into it. Grandma and Grandpa were always very good about keeping up with the house painting the outside and keeping the roof up. But the inside is very outdated. Before we moved in the living room/dining area had that lovely 1970's brown panelling. ugh! I dislike dark rooms and I grew up with that ugly panelling. So Jake and I sanded down, primered and painted those two rooms.
Before . .
So this past weekend we decided to replaced the nasty old formica that Grandma paid someone to put around the walls in the shower? Why, I'll never understand, But Jake replaced it. I'm so proud of him, To never had done anything like that I think he did a fanastic job.
Before . . .
During . .
This coming weekend we're planning on painting the bathroom and the hall and laying new flooring.. we're slowly but surely getting things updated and looking better :)


Lil Knitter said... two are really good at this renovating business. I love the lighter walls too...dark is so depressing. The bathroom looks much better now.

Brie said...

That looks fantastic! Is it a one piece back wall? I would LOVE to do this for our bathroom...we did the whole reno and the tub isn't holding up so we'll have to get a new one soon...argh.

Misty said...

The new shower/tub looks awesome! :)