Friday, June 06, 2008

Just A Friday Post :)

This photo is how I started my day yesterday, A bit of hand sewing on a gown I'm making for Ashley and a bit of knitting on my Central Park Hoodie. Then for some wild reason I suddenly got a burst of energy and ended up doing some badly needed deep cleaning. It's a good thing though, I cleaned out the cabinet in the dinning room and got rid of a bunch of junk and made room to store some of my scrapbook supplies. So now our dinning room doesn't look like a craft room has taken it over. LOL! Not a bad thing at all... but the clutter of it was a bit much for plain open site.

It's all good though, my reward for the days worth of hard work was more knitting in my recliner and a 2 hour Episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" It was great. I so love this show, Next to Big Brother it's my favorite reality show.

I wanted to share with you the very first project that I finished on my sewing machine. it's something for me!

I wanted to get some photo's of me wearing it. I bought me a white t-shirt to wear underneath it for when I don't feel like going sleeveless. I think it's really cute and I enjoyed sewing the pattern so I already have the yarn I want to make my next one out of :)

Right now I'm working on Ashley's night gown and then I'll start something for Abbey. She needs a few more summer outfits :)

Not sure about plans for the weekend yet, We did talk about having a picnic/cookout somewhere though. Maybe at the lake or a park. we'll figure it out. The idea of sitting in a lawn chair and doing some knitting sounds fun :) hehe!

Until Next Time...


Lil Knitter said...

Lawn chairs and knitting are so much fun..I hope you get to do lots of it.
I am in love with that top! It's similar to what I've been wanting to do for bathing suit cover ups...except a knitted version.
It is soooo cute! I've been having sewing machine urges lately...I so want one and I can't even sew very well. lol

Crystal said...

I like you desk area, look simple and feels calm. I love the top!
You are so multi talented! The card is cute. I scrapbook once in a great while. I am into knitting right now.
Love your blog

Brie said...

Super cute shirt! I've been cleaning a lot and crafts relax me as odd as that may be to some hee:)