Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gainesville Frank Buck Zoo

I could have SWORN that I'd already written up and posted about ou trip to the Zoo but I don't see the post, So I must not have :-P Ah well. Better late than never I guess :)

A few weeks ago we took the girls to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville Texas. Remember we're trying to make our Saturdays with the girls more than just laying around the house, A bad habit we'd fallen into.

We got to the Zoo early enough so that Ashley could participate in feeding the Giraffe :) She did really well with the first lettuce leaf and he slobbered on her hand.. LOL! So I had to pass him the second Lettuce Leaf . .

Abbey was really enjoying her view from the stroller, she loved the animals and pointed and called them all puppies :)

Jake even got in on some of the feeding action :)

They had a little show/petting zoo of sorts, Ashley loved the turtle, She kept following the poor thing around and feeding it lettuce. Abbey wasn't too sure about the turtle though.

They had a Madagascar Roach that was HUGE, I forgot to take a picture but I just knew Ashley was going to say "Hey we kill water bugs in our house that size" ROFL!!! Aren't old houses great? ugh! Oh lord, I promise we're not nasty people, those bugs are thick around here.

Ashley even pet the SNAKE they brought out which I was surprised by! I sure wouldn't touch him! LOL!!!

We ate lunch in the park they have by the Zoo and before we left we rode the little train they had. it was a fund day, the girls really enjoyed it :)


Lil Knitter said...

Now that looks like a fun day. We haven't been to the zoo in ages! I'm glad you didn't get a picture of the yucky roach...eeewww. lol
I just love the train rides...must be the kid in me.

Misty said...

Yuck a huge roach! LOL It looks like it was a good day! Abbey is adorable! Calling the animals puppies and pointing at the animals...good times when they're that age! I also have to point out that her little pigtails are so CUTE!!! ;) Glad you guys had a good time! :)

Brie said...

This looks super fun!
Blech I hate roaches...mainly because there are sooo many around here. *shudders* Give me spiders or snakes anyday LOL