Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Finally Friday :)

Hope you've had a great week. Mine hasn't been comfortable but it's been relatively stress free which is unusual for me having these girls.. LOL!! One of my wisdom teeth is killing me. The worst part, That I'm ashamed to admit is that I haven't been to a dentist in years... My teeth need a good cleaning and I'm ashamed to go! But I'm afraid this wisdom tooth is going to have to be dealt with.. It's causing a great deal of pain.

Ashley has 2 more days of Summer school and then she's out until it starts back up in August, I still have no idea where or when I'm to enroll her for next year. Hope someone says something in the paper so I know what to heck to do.

I have so many Dr's appointments I need to set up, I better get busy, Dentist for me and both girls, eye Doctor for Ashley, Regular check up for Ashley and Shot's for Abbey and Check up for me. it's insane, I'm so bad about procrastinating these things. Ugh.

We have some plans for this weekend, It's our weekend with Ashley so we're planning on a movie for this weekend. We're thinking of seeing Kungfoo Panda, although I'd much rather see Get Smart but we're afraid it wouldn't be Ashley friendly. LOL!! It is PG 13 afterall. But we'll see the matinee if we go. Saturday night we're having our friend Greg over, He's requested my Quesadilla's so I'm going to cook that and we'll watch a movie, Play Wii or something. I'd sure like to get Jake interested in Canasta for Greg to teach us again. I loved playing it the first time he taught us but Jake didn't care for it at all.
Last Saturday night Jake, Abbey and I went to starbucks, Jake told the guy who took our order that the name for my cup was Honey Bunny *giggle* that is Jake's pet name for me. So embarrasing LOL!!!
I got two new cookbooks that I'm loving, Jake's Mom bought me the WW's cookbook and I bought the Hungry Girl cookbook at wal-Mart. Yummy recipes to make!
I've been doing lots of crafting :) I'm loving my knitting and new sewing machine. I did do Shawn's annual fathers day scrapbook pages for his book of Ashley. I'm looking forward to a scrapbook retreat I'm going to the second weekend in July, I hope to get caught back up on the girls books that weekend. I'm only a few months behind.
I guess that covers it... Until next time . . .

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Lil Knitter said...

That pin cushion is too, too cute!!
I like the cup...that's so sweet. I sure hope you get that wisdom tooth taken care of soon.