Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fathers Day :)

I hope all of the Dads you know had a special day. My Husband deserves a very special Fathers Day, He is a wonderful Father and does so much for me and the girls. He's special. He's always more than willing to change a diaper, Play with the girls, Help around the house when needed and take over when Mommie is at her wits end. Such a great Daddy & Hubby.

So for Fathers Day Jake got a brand new belt and matching wallet, and a hand made card from the girls and a grilled Ribeye steak made by Mommie, He didn't change diapers or carry tehe trash out and he got to sit and watch his silly shows all day (Dr. Who, Unbeatable Banzuke etc) I tried to make it a relaxing day for him I think I did.. . .


Lil Knitter said...

Aww....that was so sweet. Jake is a pretty good fella...I agree.
Happy Father's Day, Jake!
*yeah, I'm late.* lol

Jill L said...

It's nice that he had his special day! He looks happy!

Dawn said...

Looks and sounds like he had a terrific day, good for him!! And remember, he has a terrific wife to help him enjoy his day, so that makes you both pretty special :)