Monday, June 30, 2008

Sabrina's Visit :)

I feel bad for not having posted this sooner, We've had quiet a lot going on the last couple of days :)

We had an absolute fantastic time while Sabrina and Her kiddos were here visiting. The night she arrived we hugged right away. I've known Sabrina online for some time. We always seemed to have so many things in common and always wanted to meet each other. It felt wonderful to finally see her and hug her in person. Sabrina is an amazing Mother who Homeschools her children and a wonderful wife as well as a great Friend. We chatted and jabbered away the whole time she was here. I asked if she wanted to do any site seeing or anything while she was here but she said she was only here to see me :)

We grilled out burgers and hot dogs and Jake played Croquet with the kids while we visited. It was a wonderful time and I was sad to see her go. The kids played so well together. We can hardly wait to see them again. We're hoping to go down to see them before the summer is over :)

Here are the pictures from our visit. I'm so glad we did!

The whole bunch of us, including cousin Maddie...

My Ashley, Sabrina's Corrine and Maddie

Croquet Time!

Sabrina's energizer bunny Justin :)

Corrine and Ashley together . .

The babies together

Until next time :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Girls . . .

Last week I took the girls downtown to Central Park and tried to take some pretty posed pictures of them, Abbey was not wanting to sit still of course so I only took a few but these are the best of the batch :)

Kristi's Yearly Picnic

Some of you may already know me well enough to know that I have a younger Sister that is mentally challenged. She works at a place called Sunshine Industries, with other Disabled Adults. Once a year they give them a party/picnic. Normally they have them at a place in town called Dizzy's where you can play miniature golf and ride go-carts. This year they decided to have it at the new water pool/park that we have in town! It was our first time to be there and I must say we had a ball! Here are a few pictures from the picnic :)

Ashley slides . .

Me & The Girls . .

My Sister Kristi She LOVES to swim . .

Abbey's first time in a swimsuit . .

Abbey pigging out on watermelon . .

The Water park

Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Look :)

I finally got PSP loaded onto the laptop so I played around a little today and was able to create a new header and background. So a fresh look for awhile :) I'm still not 100% okay with it, But I'll work on it as I can.

I have lots to post but I'm off to look for a babysitter so hubby and I can have a date tonight :)

Until next time . .

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We have Visitors! :)

Yesterday I got a surprise phone call from my sweet friend Sabrina! She wanted to drive up to meet me!! Oh my gosh I was so surprised and excited!! She, Hunter, Corrine & Justin drove for almost 6 hours to get here, Just to meet me! Sabrina and I have been pen-pals and friends for years and have always wanted to meet! We have so much in common! It was so wonderful chatting with her last night and I can't wait to see her again today, Ashley loved playing with Hunter and Corrine! I'm so glad she came up to meet me! She is just as sweet as I thought she would be :) I'll have to get some pictures today to share :)

Until next time . . .

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Finally Friday :)

Hope you've had a great week. Mine hasn't been comfortable but it's been relatively stress free which is unusual for me having these girls.. LOL!! One of my wisdom teeth is killing me. The worst part, That I'm ashamed to admit is that I haven't been to a dentist in years... My teeth need a good cleaning and I'm ashamed to go! But I'm afraid this wisdom tooth is going to have to be dealt with.. It's causing a great deal of pain.

Ashley has 2 more days of Summer school and then she's out until it starts back up in August, I still have no idea where or when I'm to enroll her for next year. Hope someone says something in the paper so I know what to heck to do.

I have so many Dr's appointments I need to set up, I better get busy, Dentist for me and both girls, eye Doctor for Ashley, Regular check up for Ashley and Shot's for Abbey and Check up for me. it's insane, I'm so bad about procrastinating these things. Ugh.

We have some plans for this weekend, It's our weekend with Ashley so we're planning on a movie for this weekend. We're thinking of seeing Kungfoo Panda, although I'd much rather see Get Smart but we're afraid it wouldn't be Ashley friendly. LOL!! It is PG 13 afterall. But we'll see the matinee if we go. Saturday night we're having our friend Greg over, He's requested my Quesadilla's so I'm going to cook that and we'll watch a movie, Play Wii or something. I'd sure like to get Jake interested in Canasta for Greg to teach us again. I loved playing it the first time he taught us but Jake didn't care for it at all.
Last Saturday night Jake, Abbey and I went to starbucks, Jake told the guy who took our order that the name for my cup was Honey Bunny *giggle* that is Jake's pet name for me. So embarrasing LOL!!!
I got two new cookbooks that I'm loving, Jake's Mom bought me the WW's cookbook and I bought the Hungry Girl cookbook at wal-Mart. Yummy recipes to make!
I've been doing lots of crafting :) I'm loving my knitting and new sewing machine. I did do Shawn's annual fathers day scrapbook pages for his book of Ashley. I'm looking forward to a scrapbook retreat I'm going to the second weekend in July, I hope to get caught back up on the girls books that weekend. I'm only a few months behind.
I guess that covers it... Until next time . . .

A Nightgown for Ashley

Another sewing project finished. Yaay! I picked out the pattern for this one but I let Ashley pick out the material she liked from the knit material Hobby Lobby had available. This was my first try sewing knits. Argh. It was not easy to work with, There is a new sewing book out that is about sewing with knit material so I'll have to check that out.

Here are the photo's of Ashley's gown, She loves it and has requested a dress for her next sewn thing :) One she can wear during the day . . .

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fathers Day :)

I hope all of the Dads you know had a special day. My Husband deserves a very special Fathers Day, He is a wonderful Father and does so much for me and the girls. He's special. He's always more than willing to change a diaper, Play with the girls, Help around the house when needed and take over when Mommie is at her wits end. Such a great Daddy & Hubby.

So for Fathers Day Jake got a brand new belt and matching wallet, and a hand made card from the girls and a grilled Ribeye steak made by Mommie, He didn't change diapers or carry tehe trash out and he got to sit and watch his silly shows all day (Dr. Who, Unbeatable Banzuke etc) I tried to make it a relaxing day for him I think I did.. . .

World Wide KIP Day!!

Saturday June 14th was World Wide Knit In Public Day! Our small Knitorious group here in Ardmore planned ours to be in Central Park downtown. A few of our members were unable to make it for various reasons, But I of course was there and we had a new lady show, Velda, Such a nice lady and Amanda and her friend Amy came, We had a really nice time, We all chatted & knit away about various topics, The Paper came out and took a few photo's and a photo was published in yesterdays paper under lifestyles. I had a passerby snap a few photo's with my camera so I'll share them here for you to see. It was such a wonderful day and next year I hope for there to be many more to attend :)
Our new friend Velda . . .

Amy who drove from Moore, OK to knit with us . . .

Amanda . . .

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family Outting!

We had another great family outting, Last Saturday! We decided to picnic at Pecan Grove again. We had eaten sandwhiches there on the day we took the girls to Tucker Tower. But this time we grilled out and had burgers and hot dogs, played a little kick ball and let the girls run loose, They loved it!!!
After we finished there we went to the Marina a fed the fish, It's always amazing to see the fish and geese attack the food.. LOL!!!

Movie Tavern - Denton TX

A few weeks ago, Jake and I went with some friends down to Denton, TX. We spent the evening at The Movie Tavern That gigantic think you see in my hands is called a "Tanker" you can buy the glass for $10 and anytime you come to the Movie Tavern you can bring your glass and get it cleaned and refilled! it's cheaper than per glass on tap beer.

While your watching your movie of choice you have a button you can push to get a refill on beer, order food or popcorn! There is even a little bar in front of all the seats for your food and drink. It was fantastic and we will definately be going back there sometime very soon! What a fun place!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

World Wide Knit In Public (KIP) Day !!

To all the Knitters, Happy WW KIP Day :) I hope all of you are knitting in public today with some friends and that you have a great day!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Bathroom Duty

Depending on how well you know me, You may or may not know, That 2 years ago my Grandmother was put into a nursing care facility. Her Dr. Recommended the move and felt

Grandma needed the assistance and socialization as well.

So after her move to the Nursing Care her Home became vacant. We were all worried that leaving the house sitting empty wouldn't be in our best interest. We worried about Vandalism and things of that nature. The house is old... 1940's old and very small, 2 bedroom, one bath and it might be 900 square feet. LOL!! We made the decision to move into the house, We did quiet a bit of improvement to the inside before we even moved into it. Grandma and Grandpa were always very good about keeping up with the house painting the outside and keeping the roof up. But the inside is very outdated. Before we moved in the living room/dining area had that lovely 1970's brown panelling. ugh! I dislike dark rooms and I grew up with that ugly panelling. So Jake and I sanded down, primered and painted those two rooms.
Before . .
So this past weekend we decided to replaced the nasty old formica that Grandma paid someone to put around the walls in the shower? Why, I'll never understand, But Jake replaced it. I'm so proud of him, To never had done anything like that I think he did a fanastic job.
Before . . .
During . .
This coming weekend we're planning on painting the bathroom and the hall and laying new flooring.. we're slowly but surely getting things updated and looking better :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wii Fit :)

If your now down with the latest fitness craze you should be and if you don't have a Wii yet? well, I just feel plain' ol sad for ya, we love ours, and Nintendo just keeps giving us reasons to love it even more.

Here are a few simple pics of the family making use of it... also... Abbey does everything we do while we're Wii fitting :)